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Jane Roe

The name given to a female whose real name is not known or cannot be revealed, as in legal proceedings. Have they reached a decision in the Jane Roe case yet?
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Richard Roe

In legal proceedings, the name given to the second male whose identity is unknown or protected (as "John Doe" would be the name assigned to the first such male). I'm researching Richard Roe's case right now.
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If we run a simple correlation between the P/E ratios of PSE index stocks and their historical ROEs, we will find that there is hardly a direct relationship between ROE and stock returns at only 0.1 percent.
It was Roe who came off worse, suffering the injury to his leg in the midst of the commotion.
The ROE has six basic questions, is easy to apply and is appropriate for use by otorhinolaryngologists in the primary care setting.
"The camaraderie and connection at our first dance party was palpable," Roe adds.
In our traditional housing business, which is where we have our homeowners products, ROE is very much a relevant metric.
Kane County Judge John Barsanti accepted Roe's guilty plea this week to felony aggravated DUI-4th offense and prosecutors dismissed additional charges.
The 10.2% ROE (inclusive of adders) recommended in the second complaint is towards the lower-end of the range of FERC-authorized ROEs nationally, but still compares favourably with state commission approved ROEs.
The roe doe will not be far away but she is rightly extremely nervous and wary of human presence.
"On that weekend when I took the photo, there were huge rainstorms nonstop," Roe told The Korea Times.
DuPont Model was one of the most significant equation presented in 70's which stated that Returns on Assets (ROA) is to be considered for evaluating firm's performance but later the researchers figured out that Return on Equity (ROE) is the major factor which should be considered for assessing profitability and growth of the company.
Lesa Roe hopscotched across the country working her way up the ranks at NASA.
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