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Jane Roe

The name given to a female whose real name is not known or cannot be revealed, as in legal proceedings. Have they reached a decision in the Jane Roe case yet?
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Richard Roe

In legal proceedings, the name given to the second male whose identity is unknown or protected (as "John Doe" would be the name assigned to the first such male). I'm researching Richard Roe's case right now.
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The movies and books people grew up with did such a good job of portraying what the future could look like and we are now able to see it in our world today and recreate it," Roe said.
Roe did not say what Cruz and Patrick discussed, and a Patrick spokesman did not respond to messages seeking comment.
Managers were downsizing credit volumes to improve RoE of the corporate loans business by lay-offs and reducing the 'Loan Loss Provisions'.
Mr Roe is survived by his wife, three children, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
My argument about the higher likelihood of overturning Roe in Turnock (1989) than in Casey (1992) has as much to do with the substance of the cases (Turnock went more directly to the heart of Roe than Casey did) as with simple vote-counting, and it takes into account that every year that has passed since 1973, the likelihood of overturning Roe has decreased, irrespective of the makeup of the Court.
A business that has a high RoE is also more likely to be capable of generating cash internally.
Roe continued to hit him more than 20 times with Mann delivering the same number of blows.
In contrast, under Roe the people's voice is muffled and the unborn child has no protection.
The percentage of assets that are financed by debt will lever ROA to improve ROE as long as ROA exceeds the interest cost.
The legal solidity of Roe has been questioned by both the right and the left, and political shocks created by the opinion have not been an unalloyed blessing to the Democratic Party.
Reversing Roe could also have counterintuitive political effects.
Throughout the book, which is rich in Celtic lore, Shirley Roe demonstrates a detailed knowledge of Celtic mores, customs, philosophy and religious practices.
To address this issue, and as part of the Federal Government's commitment to modernize service to Canadians and improve federal services through on-line services, HRSDC developed ROE Web and gradually started implementing it nationally in September 2003.
DERMOT WELD was lavish in his praise of Vinnie Roe and Makybe Diva after the Australian mare had outpaced the four-time Irish St Leger winner over the final furlong of a gripping and historic Melbourne Cup run in a downpour at Flemington yesterday.