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rocky road (to something)

The difficult, troubled, or uneven journey or development (to some status, position, or result). In the interview, she discusses her childhood, her inspirations, and the rocky road to presidency. The film's rocky road leading to its release has been the subject of much speculation and concern from fans.
See also: road, rocky

rocky road

a difficult period of time. Bob's been going down quite a rocky road since his divorce.
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the rocky road to —

a difficult progression to something.
2001 Star So far A1 haven't put a foot wrong on the rocky road to superstardom.
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walking on rocky socks

mod. alcohol intoxicated. He looks like he’s walking on rocky socks.
See also: on, rocky, sock, walking
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Two gunmen who were in the car fired at Rocky and bikers picked up the empty shells.
Of course, Rocky was never meant to be real; he's Cinderella with boxing gloves, freighted with elements of the classic literary hero.
In 2003 the IRS determined deficiencies for 1998 through 2000, based, in part, upon a partial disallowance of the company's deductions for compensation paid to Darle, Dean and Rocky in those three years.
Health officials had presumed that the fever spreads exclusively through American dog ticks and Rocky Mountain wood ticks--species that typically feed on wild rodents and other small mammals, including dogs.
EarthWhere's use through an interagency agreement between USACE and USGS provides a method for hosting project datasets at the USGS's Rocky Mountain Mapping Center in Denver.
The commenter expressed dissatisfaction with Bank's level of service and alleged anticompetitive practices in the Rocky Mount area and asserted that Bank imposes unreasonably high service charges.
Rocky notes that an added advantage of only having one machine is that with two grinders on site there were also three operators and two trackhoes.
To that end, it makes perfect sense that a cadre of underground punk bands would gather for The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show.
I supported the decommissioning of Rocky Flats, but the way it was done will leave too much residual radioactive material," says Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, a national nonprofit working with local groups in Colorado.
Now on Broadway, where no idea is too overexposed to milk for a few more bucks, a savvy young producer named Jordan Roth has brought Rocky Horror back to the stage, and guess what?
And the FBI is investigating the possibility of illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals at Rocky Flats.