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rocky road (to something)

The difficult, troubled, or uneven journey or development (to some status, position, or result). In the interview, she discusses her childhood, her inspirations, and the rocky road to presidency. The film's rocky road leading to its release has been the subject of much speculation and concern from fans.
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walk on rocky socks

slang To be unable to walk steadily or in a straight line due to being drunk. The driver got out and walked on rocky socks, so the officer hauled him into the station. She seemed pretty sober during dinner, but then she stood up and started walking on rocky socks.
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rocky road

a difficult period of time. Bob's been going down quite a rocky road since his divorce.
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the rocky road to —

a difficult progression to something.
2001 Star So far A1 haven't put a foot wrong on the rocky road to superstardom.
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walking on rocky socks

mod. alcohol intoxicated. He looks like he’s walking on rocky socks.
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