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rocky road (to something)

The difficult, troubled, or uneven journey or development (to some status, position, or result). In the interview, she discusses her childhood, her inspirations, and the rocky road to presidency. The film's rocky road leading to its release has been the subject of much speculation and concern from fans.
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walk on rocky socks

slang To be unable to walk steadily or in a straight line due to being drunk. The driver got out and walked on rocky socks, so the officer hauled him into the station. She seemed pretty sober during dinner, but then she stood up and started walking on rocky socks.
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rocky road

a difficult period of time. Bob's been going down quite a rocky road since his divorce.
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the rocky road to —

a difficult progression to something.
2001 Star So far A1 haven't put a foot wrong on the rocky road to superstardom.
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walking on rocky socks

mod. alcohol intoxicated. He looks like he’s walking on rocky socks.
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Caption: The first Kid's Day event at Rockier Woodworking and Hardware in Kennesaw, Georgia, brought a younger generation into the store to learn about woodworking tools and skills.
Martin Jol is on borrowed time at Tottenham and his position will be rockier if his team fail to win tonight
All in all, this one is sort of for the artsier, indie rock crowd; although it seems like it's getting artier and indie rockier, and not so much with the skating action.
The image clearly distinguishes between broad, sediment-rich areas where the seismic waves traveled at slower-than-average speeds, such as the Los Angeles Basin, and rockier regions, such as mountains, where the waves traveled more quickly.
While suitably vast and dusty-looking, the Mojave Desert bears little resemblance to Baghdad or even the rockier Afghan terrain; for one thing, a distant veil of smog reminds us of the site's physical proximity to Hollywood.
Despite the perceived housing need, the road's been rockier than expected for developers.
If you go up the west side it's steeper and rockier. (If I had to choose one) I think I would take Spencer's Butte.
One should look to the better managed, more financially stable companies rather than lesser-known firms on rockier financial footing.
As the ship sails north the land will become rockier and greener and I shall see less and less sea ice and icebergs.
His only real expense was the $7 pie-tin panel he ordered from a catalog (Rockier Woodworking & Hardware; 800/279-4441).
As a general rule, the butternut tolerates colder climates and rockier soil than its close relative, the black walnut.
Along with On Another Planet and Every Little Means Trust, the trio of songs have a rockier sound than the rest of the album, which is mellow and folky.
Then I picked up these universal fence clamps from Rockier for $20.
The two planets fall in the middle range in mass, between smaller, rockier planets such as Earth and larger gas giants such as Jupiter.