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A feature that makes Rocket Mobile for MultiValue stand out is its ability to connect directly to a database's back end.
That way you will remember which tube is bad and will know not to bother loading a rocket in it again.
GMLRS-U is a solid-propellant artillery rocket deployed from the M270A1 and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System mobile launch vehicles.
They developed the rocket that carried America's first satellite into orbit.
Navy and successfully developed jet-assisted takeoff systems and rocket motors capable of variable thrust.
Goddard, according to the new biography Rocket Man, was the most famous scientist in America during the early 20th century better known than Einstein, and also the most revered inventor, more highly regarded than Edison.
Arif Karabeyoglu, then a graduate student at Stanford University, and David Altman, a longtime rocket scientist affiliated with the university, were checking out research presentations at a conference on rocket propulsion.
We learned that in August 1943 the Navy had become so interested in the Cal-Tech air-to-ground rocket project that scouting began to find a suitable site for a testing facility where the actual firing could be done.
The rocket drop was a test mission--the first of a series dubbed the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle program.
If you do damage a rocket end shield, contact your ammunition logistics/quality assurance representative or turn in the rocket to the ammo supply point.
Only one more launch remained before SWAS could hitch a ride on the rocket, and Melnick and his team began to "get out of hibernation," retesting software for their instrument.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the importance of this moment," Gore said.