rock to

rock someone to something

to help someone, usually an infant, get to sleep by rocking in a rocking chair, cradle, or carriage. It is best to rock the baby to sleep after you feed her. Somehow she learned to rock herself to sleep.
See also: rock
References in classic literature ?
She unfastened this card and returned to the path, where the light was better, and sat herself down upon a slab of rock to read the printing.
She was to be left on the rock to perish, an end to one of her race more terrible than death by fire or torture, for is it not written in the book of the tribe that there is no path through water to the happy hunting-ground?
Hook rose to the rock to breathe, and at the same moment Peter scaled it on the opposite side.
As auxiliary to this scarcity of fuel, one of the large springs which abound in that country gushed out of the side of the ascent above, and, after creeping sluggishly along the level land, saturating the mossy covering of the rock with moisture, it swept around the base of the little cone that formed the pinnacle of the mountain, and, entering the canopy of smoke near one of the terminations of the terrace, found its way to the lake, not by dashing from rock to rock, but by the secret channels of the earth.
Yet it were madness to spring for that narrow slit with nought but the wet, smooth rock to cling to.
No one had the slightest suspicion; and when next day, taking a fowling-piece, powder, and shot, Dantes declared his intention to go and kill some of the wild goats that were seen springing from rock to rock, his wish was construed into a love of sport, or a desire for solitude.
Just at the moment when they were taking the dainty animal from the spit, they saw Edmond springing with the boldness of a chamois from rock to rock, and they fired the signal agreed upon.
As soon, however, as the sun came out, I lay down on the top of that rock to dry myself.
I could not believe such wickedness, and ran along the shore from rock to rock, crying on them piteously.
I could no longer hold myself back, but ran to the seaside and out, from one rock to another, as far as I could go.
Nicholas, when the string broke, and he tumbled down the bank, bumping from rock to rock and bush to bush, and leaving the red cloak fluttering like a bloody banner in the air.
8220;Ask a Vet: How Can I Get My Rock to Stop Peeing Outside the Box?
When the big molten blobs of rock cooled, they shrank, and that caused the solid rock to fracture," says Thomas Kalakay, a geologist at Vanderbilt University.
Goodman also shows, but refuses to tell, how the very infrastructure of dubs and booking that helped bring rock to the people came about only because money-grubbing sharpies like Barcelona made it happen - and they made it happen because they knew people's desire for rock music could equal money for them.
Liquid water snares carbon dioxide, creating carbonic acid, which then reacts with surface rock to produce solid carbonates.