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So it is unsurprising that reverberations from "The Big Rock Candy Mountains" are discernible in both of them.
realizes that "no Big Rock Candy Mountain, no lemonade springs, no
In basket, pull-apart brioche, bacon, and berries go with juice; rock candy sweetens coffee
Taydem Napier, 10, found the instructions for the rock candy before the activity began and read ahead.
He describes the unique Western/religious context of Salt Lake City in relation to Stegner's life in the city and literary themes in such works as The Big Rock Candy Mountain, Recapitulation, and Joe Hill.
Their latest album, Rock Candy, is easily accessible without straying over the line that suggests artistic sell-out.
The rest of America would rather dream of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.
The characteristics of rock candy fracture are well known - large, smooth facets in the fracture face.
His fifth novel, The Big Rock Candy Mountain (1943), the story of an American family moving from place to place in the West, seeking their fortune, was his first critical and popular success.
Dryden and Palmer, makers of rock candy since 1880, provide "an elegant alternative" to sugar with their white and amber coffee crystals, swizzle sticks, and demitasse sticks.
Kidney stones grow in much the same way rock candy does.
John Adelman of the Springfield areaa Dave and Jeannie Ullman who retired from their work at the Baptist Children's home in Carmi, Illinois, are serving us some great sourdough bread and old fashioned hard rock candy at their new shop, the Grabapple Gift Gallery, located in Old Du QuoinaKing and Queen candidates for the 1993 Du Quoin High School Sweetheart Dance are Robbie Eaton, Russ Reidelberger, Jason Karnes, Heather Payne, Malinee Parrish and Brandi Jokisch.
Kitchen units painted in orange fizz and rock candy 2; column painted in bongo jazz 3, all PS24.29 for 2.5 litres, from Dulux Starting with a white backdrop makes every design choice easier.
Kitchen units painted in Orange Fizz and Rock Candy 2, column painted in Bongo Jazz 3, all PS24.29 for 2.5 litres, Dulux THIS is a really simple way of adding drama to a boring bedroom.
The groom's cake was a Big Rock Candy Mountain chocolate explosion created by the bride's mother and her friends.