rob (someone or something) of (something)

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rob (someone or something) of (something)

1. To steal something from someone or something. He installed a computer virus that robs the company of tiny amounts of money every single time a bank transaction is carried out. The mugger robbed me of my passport and all my cash, but thankfully he ran off before he got my phone.
2. To deprive something from someone or something. He really robbed me of my dignity with the way he chastised me in front of everyone. The trees' leaves have become so large and numerous that they are actually robbing the vegetation on the jungle floor of precious sunlight.
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rob someone of something

to deprive someone of something, not necessarily by theft. What you have done has robbed me of my dignity! If you do that, you will rob yourself of your future.
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rob of

1. To deprive someone of something by stealing it: The thief robbed us of our money. I was robbed of my car.
2. To deprive something or someone of something, to injurious effect: This parasite robs trees of sap. The malicious rumor robbed me of my professional standing.
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This corporate greed is robbing us of the revenue needed to fund public services and infrastructure, above all housing and education, and stripping our towns and cities of their cultural assets, destroying the aspirations of working-class and middle-class children alike.
To remain in Europe is to accept a madhouse which will dictate our laws and political direction, thus robbing us of our own independence and democracy.
It's only a matter of time before we all have to pay as the NHS will go private and the government will be robbing us of all the money we have paid since 1948.
These voter suppression tactics will disenfranchise many women, people of color, elderly people, students, and low-income communities, unjustly robbing us of our right to make our voices heard.
Wales is hugely disadvantaged by the UK Government robbing us of hundreds of millions of pounds every year.
these harsh, unkind self-messages cast a shadow of inadequacy, robbing us of our inner harmony.
Despite linesman Tom Murphy robbing us of a perfectly good goal and going 1-0 down, we didn't crumble and battled back to get a result we fully deserved.
"High fuel prices are racing ahead of efficiency gains and robbing us of most of our profitability," Air Transport Association President and CEO James May said recently.
Then we need no longer go in fear of frost robbing us of important days such as we lost with the end-of-January Cheltenham meeting and Totesport Gold Trophy day at Newbury - an abandonment which drove Kershaw to despair and led to this simple but fantastic innovation.
Further on the matter of looking into humanity's future, we publish a Creative Controversy feature entitled "The Privacy Paradox:" In it, Dwight Furrow draws attention to the technological as well as institutional changes that are robbing us of our privacy in ways unlikely to be successfully reversed.
Lane III argues that technology in the workplace is also robbing us of our human right to privacy.
The computers and information systems that connect us to the larger world and that power so many of our modern conveniences can also turn on us, stripping us of our privacy and robbing us of our identities.
By robbing us of meaning, and leaving us yearning for "some value, any value, to accept completely and genuinely."
This is about petty mindedness, political correctness and little Hitlers robbing us of our of freedom and the right, within the law of the land, to say, think and do what we bloody well want.