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A jocular term for someone who is romantically involved with a much younger person. I wouldn't have pegged Jeff as a cradle-robber, but I just saw him around town with a girl who looks like she's barely out of high school.

robber baron

1. A disparaging term applied to any of the prominent businessmen in the late 19th-century US who used unethical means to increase industrialization (and thus their own wealth and prestige). John Rockefeller is usually regarded as a robber baron, but he's certainly not the only one.
2. By extension, anyone who achieves great wealth and success by unscrupulous means. Of course I don't trust him—he's a robber baron who's made all his money by manipulating the stock market!
3. In the Middle Ages, a thief who robbed unsuspecting travelers. Please be mindful of robber barons on your journey through the countryside.
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Within minutes some local residents gathered and the robber was handed over to the police.
All too often the masterminded schemes of our merry band of robbers go awry when one member of the team decides to cut his buddies out of the picture.
Some rubber fabricators arc beginning to use rapid RPA configurations to test and sort incoming natural robber skids.
To determine what would make a robber more reluctant to rob a store, respondents were asked what was most important in deciding which convenience store to rob.
He said after noticing that police personnel were outside the house the robbers opened fire on them and tried to escape.
When Wolff walked into the room, the robber trained the gun on him, but when the robber averted his gaze, Wolff yanked the gun out of the towel and began shooting, hitting the robber.
They were surprised "when the two would-be robbers jumped onto the porch and pulled a gun," reported the Brunswick News.
This technology is said to result in the highest level of efficiency and the greatest production precision in the robber industry.
Samuel Anderson was shot on August 27 by a would-be robber, who ran into the night but didn't get away.
Four new polyacrylate robber grades have been added to the Acron AR line.
Karachi -- A robber has been killed in alleged police encounter in the area of 4 No Nazimabad at Karachi.
Shahrah-i-Noor Jahan SHO Mulazim Husain told Dawn that as the driver of the family opened the door to take children to school two armed robbers forcibly entered the house in Block-J of North Nazimabad followed by another robber.
KARACHI -- An alleged robber was killed and his accomplice injured during a police encounter in Saeedabad area of the metropolis on Friday.