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A jocular term for someone who is romantically involved with a much younger person. I wouldn't have pegged Jeff as a cradle-robber, but I just saw him around town with a girl who looks like she's barely out of high school.

robber baron

1. A disparaging term applied to any of the prominent businessmen in the late 19th-century US who used unethical means to increase industrialization (and thus their own wealth and prestige). John Rockefeller is usually regarded as a robber baron, but he's certainly not the only one.
2. By extension, anyone who achieves great wealth and success by unscrupulous means. Of course I don't trust him—he's a robber baron who's made all his money by manipulating the stock market!
3. In the Middle Ages, a thief who robbed unsuspecting travelers. Please be mindful of robber barons on your journey through the countryside.
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A physical altercation began between the shop owner and the robbers, leading one of the robbers to try and shoot the owner.
Rawalpindi -- Two robbers shot injured a worker of a fuel station on Tuesday and made off with cash worth Rs200,000 in Aliot Village, sources said.
Summary: Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) [India], Aug 13 (ANI): In an act of exemplary courage, an elderly couple in Tamil Nadu bravely fought with two armed robbers who barged into the entrance of their house here on the night of August 11.
The Deputy Superintedendent of Dipalpur Police, Inam ul Haq informed media about a special team which has been assigned the duty of arresting the escaped robbers.
RAWALPINDI -- The initiative of the provincial government to control crime by slapping a night-time ban on pillion riding seems to have failed to achieve desired results as robbers on motorbikes continue to loot, kill and injure people in Rawalpindi.
The robbers opened fire as the police arrives at the site.
Police said here Monday that three robbers stormed into the house of Sher Ali in Chak No.625-GB late at night and made family members hostage at gun point.
The video shows, one of the store workers picking up the gun from the floor and then running towards the cowboy to join him in overpowering the robber.
When first responders arrived and took off the armed robber's mask, Seth and his family recognized him as a young man who had been in the store half an hour earlier.
The world-renowned robber was being cared for at Carlton Court Care Home in East Barnet, north London, after suffering several strokes in recent years.
However, in an attempt to free themselves from the clutches of the locals, one of the robbers took out his gun and fired a shot.
Ms Carberry and two other people in the bank identified Samuel Corlett, of Henry Street in Liverpool city centre, as the robber. But the 36-year-old denied one charge of robbery and another of having two imitation firearms with intent to commit an offence.
The robber struck last night in Reginald Road, Bearwood, as a security firm picked up cash from a Sandwell Homes neighbourhood housing office.
A manhunt has been launched after an armed robber held up a security guard.
"Shooting came cheap," car barn robber Harvey Van Dine admitted.9' In 1917 Frank Zager murdered Paul Pelipo because "he was a mutt- wouldn't stick up his hands quick enough ...