rob (someone or something) of (something)

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rob (someone or something) of (something)

1. To steal something from someone or something. He installed a computer virus that robs the company of tiny amounts of money every single time a bank transaction is carried out. The mugger robbed me of my passport and all my cash, but thankfully he ran off before he got my phone.
2. To deprive something from someone or something. He really robbed me of my dignity with the way he chastised me in front of everyone. The trees' leaves have become so large and numerous that they are actually robbing the vegetation on the jungle floor of precious sunlight.
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rob someone of something

to deprive someone of something, not necessarily by theft. What you have done has robbed me of my dignity! If you do that, you will rob yourself of your future.
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rob of

1. To deprive someone of something by stealing it: The thief robbed us of our money. I was robbed of my car.
2. To deprive something or someone of something, to injurious effect: This parasite robs trees of sap. The malicious rumor robbed me of my professional standing.
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In September 2016, the then 35-year-old followed two Army Reservists and tried to rob one of them in the street.
Weaver was the second person to rob one of the tellers, and she ended up having to quit her job because of the stress, Assistant U.S.
Ehab stressed that the compound is in a secure neighborhood, making it impossible for anyone to enter, let alone dare to rob one of the houses on site.
The witness said: "Viramontes told me to look at all these white hoes, that he wanted to rob one of them."
TWO thick thieves tried to rob one of Scotland's top rugby teams - and were promptly tackled by a posse of 40 musclebound players.
Together, they rob one of Jimmy's vans, above, but their actions have unexpected consequences.
Together, they rob one of Jimmy's vans, but their actions have unexpected consequences.
They rob one of Jimmy's vans, but their actions have unexpected consequences.
He decides to rob one of the courtesan's; Saudamini's home since she is connected with the Royal court of the King.
The alternative is to borrow a car (might get stuck in traffic), take a cab (a horrific experience that can rob one of self-esteem) or take an Uber or Grab (once a miraculous option, now burdened with its own baggage such as picky drivers who cancel after a wait or simply ignore you completely).
We want to make it clear to criminals that if they decide to rob one of these venues there's a good chance their picture will appear on a wall somewhere."
Then he robbed the youngster, attempted to rob one of her friends and assaulted a third girl.
I had to wonder exactly what a public school teacher would say constitutes courage, and how he would distinguish it from its fraudulent counterparts, for the school is not tar from a new development of expensive houses, and it is likely that some students could find the "courage" to skip school and rob one of them during the day.
He and Only Fools And Horses star, Nicholas Lyndhurst play bad guys who try to rob one of Lassie's companions.
Mr Howard issued a statement saying simply, 'Howard Flight will not be a Conservative candidate at the next election.' That appeared to rob one of the party's most senior figures of the safe seat of Arundel and South Downs which even at the last election enjoyed a Tory majority of 13,704.