rob blind

rob (one) blind

To steal everything someone owns, especially through deceitful or fraudulent means. Sometimes used to insinuate that someone is charging too much money for something. The CEO was sent to prison for robbing his clients blind through a complex Ponzi scheme. Another $100 in fees? These guys are robbing us blind!
See also: blind, rob

rob someone blind

1. Fig. to steal freely from someone. Her maid was robbing her blind. I don't want them to rob me blind. Keep an eye on them.
2. Fig. to overcharge someone. You are trying to rob me blind. I won't pay it! Those auto repair shops can rob you blind if you don't watch out.
See also: blind, rob

rob (someone) blind

To rob in an unusually deceitful or thorough way: robbed the old couple blind while employed as a companion.
See also: blind, rob
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The police have a role to play and must come down heavily on loan sharks who rob blind those driven to borrow money at extortionate interest rates.
Each yuletide they take jobs as Santa and his elf-helper, gaining access to heavily trafficked stores which they then rob blind after hours on Christmas Eve.
Language holds the key to today's Budget, an old Latin word meaning "to rob blind".