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roast snow in a furnace

To attempt a futile, often ridiculous, task. You're so tiny that there's no way you can carry that armchair upstairs all by yourself—you might as well roast snow in a furnace!
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there is reason in the roasting of eggs

Even the strangest actions are done for a reason. I don't understand why my brother quit his job all of a sudden, but there is reason in the roasting of eggs, I suppose. Don't ask your father why he's on the roof—just accept that there is reason in the roasting of eggs.
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give somebody/get a ˈroasting

(informal) criticize somebody or be criticized in an angry way: I’d better go. I’ll get a roasting if I’m late again!
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1. tv. to put on an entertaining program, usually with a dinner, where the guest of honor is teased and insulted. They roasted Dave when he retired.
2. n. an entertaining program where the guest of honor is insulted all in fun. It was a wonderful roast. The guest of honor was pleased with the quality of the insults.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He was stewed, roasted, and boiled.
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Wilson, a coffee aficionado and acoustician who normally focuses on studying underwater acoustics in his role as an associate professor in The University of Texas at Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering, to explore the potential of using the "cracking" sounds emitted by coffee beans during the roasting process -- as the basis for an automated acoustical roast monitoring technique.
If you know more guests will prefer dark meat than white, consider buying extra parts and roasting them in a separate pan.
Schneider founded the Rockwall, TX, coffee shop and roasting business less than one year ago after returning from military duty in Iraq, with no prior coffee roasting experience or formal training.
Roasting Plant's patented Javabot coffee system enables continuous roasting so that coffee is ground and brewed at the peak of flavor within days of roasting.
The CTR-3000 is a customized machine for customers specialized in longer roasting times and traditional roasting.
Barry prefers roasting to steaming, as it brings out a richer flavor.
In-store bean roasting company brings wide selection of brewed-by-the-cup coffee to Rock Ventures' First National Building -
Our roasting practices are mostly still hit or miss in producing the best coffee in the world.
When chicken is half cooked, add baby potatoes to roasting pan.
OTCBB:CFPC) announced today that to expand its wholesale roasted coffee business it has executed a Letter of Intent to acquire a coffee roasting company based in Denver, Colorado.
The package broadens the range of special roasting profiles and it does that not only for dark roasts.
where roasting and grilling are the basis of his menus.
June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Brothers Gourmet Coffees (Nasdaq: BEAN) today announced it will consolidate its coffee roasting facilities used to support its Gloria Jean's subsidiary including closing its Chicago-area roasting plant and shifting those operations to larger plants in Denver and Pittsburgh.
NEW ORLEANS -- PJ's Coffee, founded 27 years ago in New Orleans, kept its roasting facility operating through the hardships of the last three months with the help of an exceptionally dedicated roast master and his team.