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roast snow in a furnace

To attempt a futile, often ridiculous, task. You're so tiny that there's no way you can carry that armchair upstairs all by yourself—you might as well roast snow in a furnace!
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there is reason in the roasting of eggs

Even the strangest actions are done for a reason. I don't understand why my brother quit his job all of a sudden, but there is reason in the roasting of eggs, I suppose. Don't ask your father why he's on the roof—just accept that there is reason in the roasting of eggs.
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give (one) a roasting

To very strongly rebuke or criticize one. The principal gave Mark a roasting because of that prank he pulled in class yesterday.
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get a roasting

To be very strongly rebuked, criticized, or condemned. The giant supermarket chain has gotten a roasting lately over allegations that they've been threatening local shops and markets. Mark sure got a roasting because of that prank he pulled in class yesterday.
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slang Subjected to the taunts, criticism, and banter of someone or some group of people, especially for comedic effect. I love watching famous people get roasted! Man, you were roasted by that girl! We need to call an ambulance for those burns!
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give somebody/get a ˈroasting

(informal) criticize somebody or be criticized in an angry way: I’d better go. I’ll get a roasting if I’m late again!
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1. tv. to put on an entertaining program, usually with a dinner, where the guest of honor is teased and insulted. They roasted Dave when he retired.
2. n. an entertaining program where the guest of honor is insulted all in fun. It was a wonderful roast. The guest of honor was pleased with the quality of the insults.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He was stewed, roasted, and boiled.
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While traditional roasted turkey can often be one of the lightest foods gracing your holiday menu, Tofurky Roast is even lighter.
She includes traditional favourites such as roast beef and even includes advice on all the trimmings such as Yorkshire Puddings as well as how to make the best roast potatoes, with tips on how to get the crispiest and crunchiest spuds.
Without doubt the better the quality of the raw ingredient, the better the roast will be, and this is vitally important since roasting brings out and exposes the best and worst in food.
For example, while the Nutrition Facts on the back of Emmber's Heat & Serve Traditional Pot Roast packages list fat, sodium, etc.
These are all great roasts but if you think your local is better we want to hear from you.
Carters of Moseley - recently awarded a Michelin star - is famous for its gourmet roasts.
The announcement of the winning pub will be the climax of British Roast Dinner Week (September 26 to October 2), with pubs across England, Scotland and Wales putting a roast on the menu every day.
Their rigorously screened coffees arrive in Miami and are delivered to their roast master.
In contrast to other types of roast potatoes on the market, Bannisters' Farm's Farmer's Roasting Potatoes have not been pre-fried, coated or battered at any point, which makes them suitable for diners with gluten-free or dairy-free dietary requirements.
These two core variables can be plotted as a roast curve, but what appears as a straightforward curve is the result of meticulous monitoring and adjustment of many more factors, performed by individuals and programmed systems.