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keep it down to a dull roar

To be quiet or stop making a lot of noise; to maintain a low level of noise. Often used as an imperative. Kids, when you work together, please keep it down to a dull roar.
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roar back

To surge into a position of success after a period of time spent performing less favorably. The team, who fell to a 30–0 disadvantage in the first 20 minutes of play, roared back in the fourth quarter The company has been roaring back into a position of superiority this year, after seeing its share of the market dwindle over the last decade.
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roar at someone or something

1. Lit. to bellow or bawl at someone or something. Don't roar at me! Control your temper. The lion roared at the hyena, who ran off.
2. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. The audience roared at the clown. The children roared at Dad's jokes.
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roar away

to speed away, making a loud clamor. The car roared away into the night with tires screeching. The train roared away, carrying Andy to Canada.
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roar something out

to bellow something out loudly. Walter roared his protest out so everyone knew how he felt. Jane roared out her criticism.
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roar back

To have great success after a period of weak performance; make a dramatic recovery: The tennis player lost the first set but roared back to win the match.
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dull roar

n. a relatively quiet degree of noisiness. Try to keep it at a dull roar if you can.
See also: dull, roar
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It's true they have large vocal folds, but the shape and the viscoelastic properties [tension and shearing strength] make the roars so loud and deep," he says.
Measurements of vocal fold resistance to stretching and shearing let researchers accurately predict the "fundamental frequency" ranges at which lions and tigers are known to roar, and the lung pressures needed to produce those roars.
The Mini Great British Roar event rolled into Cardiff yesterday as part of its tour of major UK cities.
Roar & Snore is particularly popular with families.
Despite its obvious appeal for kids, Roar & Snore is also offered on an adults-only basis, and this year the park will substantially upgrade its offerings to appeal to that group.
Although the Company has sufficient availability under its $175 million revolving credit facility to fund the ROARS redemption and associated costs, it elected to refinance the ROARS in part with the additional term loan B debt in order to diversify its funding sources and enhance its liquidity after the refinancing.
3) Christina Metamoros, 9, tries to regain her composure after the results of her first attempt at a roar are indicated on the ``roar meter'' in the background.
Consummation of the exchange offer is subject to a number of significant conditions, including, without limitation, that (1) valid and unwithdrawn tenders are received representing at least 75% in aggregate outstanding principal amount of the 2002 Notes and the ROARs on a combined basis, (2) AES' concurrent entry into the new senior secured credit facility (described below), (3) the valid amendment of certain documentation executed in connection with the issuance of the ROARS in order to permit the consummation of the exchange offer and (4) the absence of certain adverse legal and market developments.
It rocks in your CD player and roars in your CD-ROM - that's the tag line on it,'' Miller said proudly.
The ROARS are synthetic puttable bonds that are subject to mandatory tender to the remarketing dealer on the initial remarketing date.
70% Notes validly tendered, and will thereafter allocate acceptances for purchase among all ROARS validly tendered, on a pro rata basis, in an aggregate principal amount that, when added to the principal amount of all 6.
The tender offer and consent solicitation is for the $495,000,000 outstanding principal amount of 6-3/8% Exchange Remarketable or Redeemable Securities (ROARS) due May 15, 2011 (Remarketing Date May 15, 2001) and the $5,000,000 outstanding principal amount of 6-3/8% Remarketable or Redeemable Securities (ROARS) due May 15, 2011 (Remarketing Date May 15, 2001) (together, the "6-3/8% ROARS") and the $399,925,000 outstanding principal amount of 6-1/2% Exchange Remarketable or Redeemable Securities (ROARS) due May 15, 2013 (Remarketing Date May 15, 2003) and the $75,000 outstanding principal amount of 6-1/2% Remarketable or Redeemable Securities (ROARS) due May 15, 2013 (Remarketing Date May 15, 2003) (together, the "6-1/2% ROARS" and, collectively with the "6-3/8% ROARS," the "ROARS").
According to PC Gamer, "IndyCar Racing II roars out of the pits and takes the checkered flag in the race for the ultimate driving simulation.
by Prasad Panicker / Beyond the Boundary Virat Kohli's roar packed grace.
Father lions also use a soft roar when playing with their cubs.