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keep it down to a dull roar

To be quiet or stop making a lot of noise; to maintain a low level of noise. Often used as an imperative. Kids, when you work together, please keep it down to a dull roar.
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roar back

To surge into a position of success after a period of time spent performing less favorably. The team, who fell to a 30–0 disadvantage in the first 20 minutes of play, roared back in the fourth quarter The company has been roaring back into a position of superiority this year, after seeing its share of the market dwindle over the last decade.
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roar at someone or something

1. Lit. to bellow or bawl at someone or something. Don't roar at me! Control your temper. The lion roared at the hyena, who ran off.
2. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. The audience roared at the clown. The children roared at Dad's jokes.
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roar away

to speed away, making a loud clamor. The car roared away into the night with tires screeching. The train roared away, carrying Andy to Canada.
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roar something out

to bellow something out loudly. Walter roared his protest out so everyone knew how he felt. Jane roared out her criticism.
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roar back

To have great success after a period of weak performance; make a dramatic recovery: The tennis player lost the first set but roared back to win the match.
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dull roar

n. a relatively quiet degree of noisiness. Try to keep it at a dull roar if you can.
See also: dull, roar
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The stakes will be high in the IJPL semifinals to be played on Thursday, as Dehradun Rockers take on Hyderabad Hawks while Punjab Tigers face off Rajasthan Roarers.
Rajasthan Roarers 119 all out in 19 overs (Devesh 33, Keshav Sharma 21, Younus Ali 14; Salman Khan 5/23, Renju Koshy 2/31) bt Chennai Champs 103 in 19.
This innovation which articulates Aboriginal power with white objects of power, speed and travel, has a poetic resonance in the very shape of the propeller boards and the thrumming sound they make like the sacred objects called "bull- roarers.
The Fair pulls into its orbit the gulls and roarers as well as the hypocrites and the killjoys, who think that there should be no more cakes and ale.
At dawn, the Lightfoot Lilies took a 1-0 lead over the Ringtail Roarers in the top of the 57th on a mammoth homer by Bull Thompson.
Cats are essentially split into the purrers and the roarers.
Lord Milton can with his finger stop the foul mouths of all the Roarers against heresy" (Rae [1895] 1965, 133).
One author states that the singers were of two principal schools--wailers and bull roarers.
1) The horseplay of roarers must still have been a safe draw, since Rowley added a roaring scene when the first quarto of 1617 was reissued later in the same year.
Joining Hyderabad in the last four are Punjab Tigers, who thrashed UP Heroes by 32 runs and Rajasthan Roarers, who defeated Chennai Champs by 16 runs.
However, the most impressive team has been Rajasthan Roarers.
A number of promising youngsters are driving trophy aspirations of the Gujarat Greats, Kolkata Strikers, Bangalore Stars, Assam Rangers, Pune Panthers, Delhi Dashers, Ranchi Boosters, Punjab Tigers, Dehradun Rockers, UP Heroes, Hyderabad Hawks, Chennai Champs, Rajasthan Roarers, Mumbai Masters, MP Warriors, and Haryana Hurricanes.
These were mainly the kokop kirat, literally the 'backbones of the hamlet': stones, bull roarers or mussels, which held 'vital energy' (tevantok) within themselves.