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1. n. a police officer. (Derogatory. From cockroach.) A roach caught him while he was at work.
2. n. the butt end of a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) The cops found a roach on the bathroom floor.
3. n. an ugly girl or woman. (Derogatory. From cockroach.) Who was that roach you were with last night?

roach clip

and roach pick
n. a device to hold a roach and make it smokable. (Drugs.) When the cops find a roach clip on you, you’ve had it. He held the roach on a paper clip “roach pick.”
See also: clip, roach

roach pick

See also: pick, roach


n. a mobile snack truck. (The term was revived in the Persian Gulf War.) The roach-coach pulled up in front of the dorm every night about eleven.


mod. hungover; exhausted. (Perhaps the notion of being down to the roach sense 2, and therefore, exhausted.) I’m roached. I feel lousy.
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Roach returned to the house "highly intoxicated", smashed a window and gained entry.
Mr Jones said Roach later discovered the call was recorded and changed his version of events.
Roach admitted that they are using a different tactic this time around in trying to convince Mayweather; rather than being the nice guy, they'll turn into the aggressors in provoking Mayweather.
Top view of a roach showing its brightly colored yarn base, and the hole in the base for pulling a scalplock through.
Mr Kirman added: "The roach stocKs at Wilton ParK are extremely healthy - the environment is perfect for them and the populations are good.
The new study found roach enthusiasm for fructose, although Schal has heard that other roaches may be averse to it.
Interestingly, Roach insists his security team is not a SWAT team, telling the Morning News, "SWAT officers break down doors to make arrests.
I love anxiety as a driving energy for comedy," says Roach during a recent interview over coffee.
Roach, of city centre Sparling Street, was charged with further offences of raping and kidnapping a second woman.
Roach denied Asuncion s claim that the trainer punched him twice outside the locker room of the Wild Card Gym on October 20, 2008.
A former Bevan Boy who moved to work at Cambois Colliery from his home town of Preston as a 17-year-old, Mr Roach stayed after the war to make his lifelong home in the village.
He expressed concern that Vazquez might be without Roach for Mexico City's Marquez, who is going to be an extremely tough nut to crack.
Match winner with a quality roach catch of 14-6-0 from Peg 10 was Daventry-based Match Fishing magazine editor Dave Harrell (left).
In the new study, researchers from France focused on the songs of a roach species called Elliptorhina chopardi, which are smaller than the giant hissing cockroaches found in pet stores.
Roach tells her story and as Roach, Quigley is clearly having way too much fun, with exaggerated accents, girlish cuteness, and occasional scatological naughtiness.