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Armed once more with the lady's opera-glass (I borrowed it and kept it without scruple), I alone, of all that vast audience, turned my back on the stage, and riveted my attention on the gallery stalls.
Then a slight movement of the bushes riveted my attention. I thought it must be some wild beast, and was glad of the primitive weapons I had taken from the bodies of the warriors who had attacked me.
Pete Souza, photographer and author, Obama: An Intimate Portrait John Filo's photograph showing a woman kneeling over a victim of the Kent State shootings, taken in 1970, won a Pulitzer Prize, and was the first picture that riveted my attention as a teenager, when it appeared in my hometown newspaper.
Two rifles riveted my attention. There was a Pope/Stevens 44-1/2 Special Model in .32-40 with a complete set of Pope casting, lubing and loading tools and an early J.P.
TC: One of the paintings from this period that riveted my attention bears the Inscription "Here I give thanks to Mondrian." The rectangular form Is embedded In a relatively flat space, very shallow and planar, done In that glossy enamel.
I tried to concentrate on my meal and my glass of water, but he riveted my attention. My small feeling of wellbeing was punctured: his presence filled me with a cold gust of aversion.
It is a gap in my education which I discovered existed only when the Elsie Winthrop character, played by Andrea Hingle y, entered the waiting room with feet that riveted my attention.
But what riveted my attention was the error bar on the distance - 10 times the distance itself.