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rivet counter

Someone who demands an exceptionally or unreasonably high level of minute detail or accuracy in something. Used especially in reference to hobbyists, particularly in the field of model train building. I might be considered a rivet counter by others, but I'm particularly proud of the level of detail that goes into my model sets. I can't stand seeing movies with a rivet counter like Jerry. After every film, he just sits there listing all the factual inaccuracies in it rather than just enjoying the darn thing!
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rivet the eyes on

To stare or gape at something. Often used as an imperative. Rivet the eyes on this—my first A in Chemistry!
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rivet one's gaze on someone or something

 and rivet one's glare on someone or something
Fig. to fasten one's gaze onto someone or something. (As if it were attached by rivets.) He riveted his gaze on the surly young man. Walter riveted his hateful glare on the last page of the contract and sneered.
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rivet someone's attention

Fig. to keep someone's attention fixed [on something]. The movie riveted the audience's attention. Professor Jones's lecture riveted the students' attention.
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rivet something on(to) something

 and rivet something on
to attach something to something with rivets. The pockets of these jeans are riveted onto the body of the pants. You should rivet on this part of the frame to the wall.
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riveted to the ground

Fig. [of someone or someone's feet] unable to move. I was riveted to the ground out of fear. My feet were riveted to the ground and I could not move an inch.
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be ˌriveted to the ˈspot/ˈground

be so shocked or frightened that you cannot move: As he walked away, she wanted to run after him but she felt frozen, riveted to the spot.
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n. dollars; money. (From copper rivets.) You got enough rivets on you for a snack?
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