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rival (someone or something) in (something)

To be comparable or approximately equal to someone or something in some trait, quality, ability, status, etc. In my eyes, no one rivals George Clooney in looks. After just a few short years, the plucky little startup now rivals global corporations in monthly revenue.
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rival someone in something

to have a quality or status that is comparable to that of someone else. I would say that Jane rivals Dave in the ability to find the essential elements of a problem and deal with them swiftly. No one rivals Ted in pitching a baseball.
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They consider Manchester United to be their main rivals, with 82pc of Leeds fans picking them as a top-five rival - behind Chelsea, Millwall and Derby.
They report that flares were let off and police officers were kicked and spat at while fans could be heard jeering at their rivals in a stand-off lasting around half an hour.
Similarly, Uzma Sindhu was elected as Vice President with 1194 votes whereas her rivals Mohammad Zahid Masood Khatana and Rana Mohammad Saeed Khan got 859 and 388 votes respectively.
Team identification, Schadenfreude toward hated rivals, and the mediating effects of Importance of Winning Index (IWIN).
For the position of vice president, Advocate Aijaz Ahmed Bedar defeated his rival Mushtaq Ahmed Dar by a margin of 268 votes.
Next we turn to addressing the question of when the effect on the stock of rivals is likely to be most pronounced.
His rival Imtiaz Shah of Qadir Shah Group got 7,187 votes.
Boniface Omondi and Bernard Ondiek's first half goals is all that Gor side needed to complete a double over their eternal rivals in a clash marred by acts of hooliganism.
According to police, a clash erupted between two rival groups on late on Saturday evening in the Dehi Bagel Para Lodhi village.
As per the results issued by concerned returning officer report, In PP-285 Dera Ghazi Khan-II, PTI candidate Khawaja Muhammad Daud Suleman won the seat and secured 27840 votes against his rival ex-MPA Sardar Meer Badshah Khan Qaisrani who was who independent candidate and secured 26176.
With BC Rivals on a roll at the beginning, they were leading 15-8 with a final basket in the first quarter.
The roster of "Star Wars: Rivals" will include fan-favorites like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Han Solo.
In his new position, Rivals will work closely with the marketing, operations and sales teams in all regions on the quality control of Globecast's solutions.
A function in this regard was held in Darmal Bala which was attended by local residents, relatives of the rival families, jirga members and political activists.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Local sources said several terrorists, including a security official of the ISIL-affiliated Liwa al-Ansar, were killed in a fresh round of infighting with their rivals from the al-Nusra Front in the Southern countryside of the capital city of Damascus.