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rival (someone or something) in (something)

To be comparable or approximately equal to someone or something in some trait, quality, ability, status, etc. In my eyes, no one rivals George Clooney in looks. After just a few short years, the plucky little startup now rivals global corporations in monthly revenue.
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rival someone in something

to have a quality or status that is comparable to that of someone else. I would say that Jane rivals Dave in the ability to find the essential elements of a problem and deal with them swiftly. No one rivals Ted in pitching a baseball.
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All Rival Arms products, except for the tritium night sights, are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Rival Systems offers award-winning market data feed handlers, multi-asset trading capabilities, enterprise risk management, smart API for strategy development and top-of-the-line technology services.
The higher one's level of team identification, the more joy is expressed toward a rival team defeat (Leach, Spears, Branscombe, & Doosje, 2003).
Overall we contribute to the existing bankruptcy literature by showing that competitive effects of bankruptcy arise from the event of rival filing, and not necessarily due to the distress of the rival filing firms.
On Sunday morning, their rivals admitted two injured people into hospital including Amir Basher and Basher Umer Din.
Faryal Talpur, PPP's candidate on PS-10 obtained 53,627 votes and her rival PTI's Ameer Bakhsh Bhutto got 37,665 votes.
Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (ISPCA) president Ricky Soong claimed a group of people from the rival group entered his organisation's compound and cleared out the storeroom.
The summit between President Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to be held April 27 will certainly be hotly debated in the session as lawmakers of the rival parties differ over how to denuclearize the North.
By adding a second optical sensor to the Rival 600, SteelSeries is able to increase the mouse's precision, while also eliminating almost any kind of cursor jitter.
The operation to arrest Rival was launched months ago, but she proved elusive and would be seen in Sampaloc only thrice a week.
Axalta Coating Systems has developed Rival RV450 Epoxy Primer to provide customers with a wider variety of its popular economy paint brand.
A furious lion tears into a rival who interrupted him during mating.
CAIRO: Libya's state oil firm NOC based in Tripoli is operating independently, said a minister of a rival government of the North African country that controls the capital city.
Libya is awash with weapons and rival militias are battling for control of its cities and oil wealth.
Tripoli: New clashes erupted on Tuesday between Libyan rival factions fighting for control of the country's biggest oil port Es Sider, killing several people, both sides said.