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rival (someone or something) in (something)

To be comparable or approximately equal to someone or something in some trait, quality, ability, status, etc. In my eyes, no one rivals George Clooney in looks. After just a few short years, the plucky little startup now rivals global corporations in monthly revenue.
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rival someone in something

to have a quality or status that is comparable to that of someone else. I would say that Jane rivals Dave in the ability to find the essential elements of a problem and deal with them swiftly. No one rivals Ted in pitching a baseball.
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Likewise newly-elected General Secretary Abdul Rehman Omer Advocate obtained 191 votes defeating his only rival Jabbar Ahmed Minhas Advocate who could secure 183 votes.
It's been a long time since I took drugs and I'm not selling any,' said a tearful Rival, who shared the cell with Garlit at the CIDG-Manila office.
Because schools often use the football rivalry to market other sports as well, it is important to examine the impact a new football rival can have on fan consumption of an institutions athletics department.
Bracken is leveraging Rival trader's electronic eye and auto-quoting capabilities and building the group's proprietary algorithmic strategies using Rival API.
Rival RV450 Epoxy Primer is formulated to provide maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance on properly treated substrates.
KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF HER He teaches the rival a lesson
Considering the recent changes in conference affiliation and its impact on rivalries, the current study investigated how realignment impacted fan perceptions of rival teams and willingness to consider committing anonymous acts of aggression toward rival participants in the former and new conference.
McIlroy had earlier said: "I don't see myself as a rival to Tiger or to anyone.
The main goal of this paper is to investigate how the value of rival firms is affected by such revelations.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Young Iranian boxing athletes defeated their Singaporean and Turkmen rivals in rough contests at the 4th Asian Youth Boxing Championship here in Tehran.
You don't expect the Dodgers' free agents and rookies to grasp what it means to bring the upper hand down hard on the heads of a rival that had won more games in eight of the past nine seasons.
All Lincoln biographies give an account of the episode in December of 1862 when congressional radicals (privately encouraged by Seward's personal and ideological rival, Chase) tried to get Seward, the leading symbol of conservative views, dismissed from the cabinet.
Rival noted that it recently completed the installation of CWI on two locomotives, as well as in-lab and on-road testing of the truck version of CWI.
As in the imaginary sing off, it matters whether a rival sings a song his opponent knows--or can fake.
SAN FRANCISCO-Tilia has reached an agreement with The Holmes Group and its subsidiary, The Rival Co.