risk (one's) neck

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risk (one's) neck

To do something that might cause severe injury or death. Today we pay our respects to the brave men and women who risk their necks every day to keep our country safe. I'm sure it's thrilling, but I'd rather not risk my neck just for a bit of an adrenaline rush.
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risk one's neck (to do something)

Fig. to accept the risk of physical harm in order to accomplish something. Look at that traffic! I refuse to risk my neck just to cross the street to buy a paper. I refuse to risk my neck at all.
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risk your neck

If you risk your neck, you do something dangerous which could cause you to die or be injured. I wasn't going to risk my neck in fast-flowing water to rescue a stupid cat. I won't have him risking his neck on that motorcycle.
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risk your ˈneck

(informal) take a big risk by doing something dangerous, stupid, etc: I’m not going to risk my neck complaining about the boss. OPPOSITE: save somebody’s/your (own) neck/skin/hide
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They don't mind squeezing into packed buses, and they are ready to risk their necks sitting on jeepney rooftops together with crops, chickens and goats to reach their destination.
They are not going to risk their necks. Even though there was a number of displays cancelled, there was still a few that did take to the skies.
It is something of a confounded cheek to expect members of the public to risk their necks in doing something a trained police officer should do.
He once rode in a point-to-point and has now a great admiration for those riders amateur and professional who risk their necks everytime they sit on a horse.
With the money they pay, why should they risk their necks to get to the ground then sit there frozen solid in their seats to watch a farce of a game?
Is it hypocritical to say you love horses, and yet shout and holler encouragement when you make them risk their necks for your money and excitement?
90 per cent of drivers and passengers risk their necks by not adjusting their head restraint every time they get in a vehicle
The trials, in which mice were offered various essences, disproved the traditional view that rodents are most likely to risk their necks for a piece of cheese.
As their situation becomes increasingly `life or death', the dudes risk their necks in a series of wild stunts, but don't exactly do much to endear themselves to their audience.
They didn't see why they should risk their necks just to save Tyson a few bob in taxes."
They risk their necks in crazy stunts and the bikers even carry football corner flags as lances.
He said he was beginning to believe the information was false and claimed the IRA had not been prepared to "risk their necks" by giving the right locations.
"But I think it is going to come out that the IRA are not prepared to risk their necks and did not give them accurate information.
Football trainers and team doctors know that players literally risk their necks on the field.
It's another to pay them to risk their necks in battle.