risk (one's) neck

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risk (one's) neck

To do something that might cause severe injury or death. Today we pay our respects to the brave men and women who risk their necks every day to keep our country safe. I'm sure it's thrilling, but I'd rather not risk my neck just for a bit of an adrenaline rush.
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risk one's neck (to do something)

Fig. to accept the risk of physical harm in order to accomplish something. Look at that traffic! I refuse to risk my neck just to cross the street to buy a paper. I refuse to risk my neck at all.
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risk your neck

If you risk your neck, you do something dangerous which could cause you to die or be injured. I wasn't going to risk my neck in fast-flowing water to rescue a stupid cat. I won't have him risking his neck on that motorcycle.
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risk your ˈneck

(informal) take a big risk by doing something dangerous, stupid, etc: I’m not going to risk my neck complaining about the boss. OPPOSITE: save somebody’s/your (own) neck/skin/hide
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"Well, sir, I bean't much of a horseman, but I'd risk my neck for the Lady Anne; she was uncommon good to my wife in the winter."
I confront the fait accompli (back against the wall head in halflight hand between thighs crying for a world): murky what I occasionally see through to camouflage a certain dislike of being TRANSPARENT in order not to disappear I go underground agent provocateur in the third person I IS THE MIRROR IMAGE OF MY MIRROR IMAGE: HE SHE IT the incomplete present as the tense of all revolt against what's laid down by the rules of german grammar tortured by silence I talk to save my skin word for word risk my neck could stand a wash--THAT'S ME ALL OVER