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Palsied, thin, and frail-looking, he outdid himself regularly by rising to the occasion, whatever it was, speech or interview.
"Our elected officials must join in rising to the occasion to allow supermarkets and other large stores to serve and employ New Yorkers without having to become enmeshed in years of bitter local political battles," he challenged.
BIRMINGHAM baking star Brendan Lynch has spoken of his delight after rising to the occasion to win a final place in TV's Great British Bake Off.
MICHAEL VAUGHAN will walk out at the Melbourne Cricket Ground next week determined to show the Australian crowds that England are capable of rising to the occasion and ending their hosts' long record of home domination.
A good but flawed man rising to the occasion as demanded.
A BIRMINGHAM cake shop is rising to the occasion for Black History Month in October Carol Cadogan is offering a selection of Caribbean baking, such as coconut turnovers and rum cakes, and non-alcoholic fruit punches to OAPs coming to her shop, Bakes, in Aston Lane, Perry Barr"I was looking to do something for the community and somebody said, why not do it during Black History Month?