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Operating expenses for high-rise condominiums (17 percent of the survey sample) increased 17.8 percent last year, rising to $4,127.43 per unit from $3,503.62 the prior year.
The number of single-family starts increased about 18 percent from the second quarter to the fourth quarter, rising to the highest quarterly level since 1979.
Thousands of years after ice age glaciers retreated from these regions, the now unweighted crust is rising to its former level.
"Our elected officials must join in rising to the occasion to allow supermarkets and other large stores to serve and employ New Yorkers without having to become enmeshed in years of bitter local political battles," he challenged.
In this environment, the dollar continued the steady advance against the yen that had begun in early January, rising to levels around [Yen]134 by mid-March.