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Several island nations--including the Maldives, Cape Verde, and Samoa--may soon be "graduated" from this list because of their rising per-capita income.
Fulbright devised a fixed-income portfolio for Jones that has raised her yield to around 5%, yet minimizes her exposure to rising interest rates.
With rising ocean temperatures, this could mean an increase in the release of this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.
Rising Edge developed their complete family of Jukebox Servers to ease the integration of archive quality storage into a complete storage product offering.
In Kennedy's time, the nation was in a 26-year productivity boom in which output per worker was rising at a very high 3 percent per year.
And in this way, an idea about the deepest source of rising inequality has crept into a prominent position in our culture.
In the near term, business fixed investment appeared to be providing surprisingly strong impetus to income growth, and rising levels of wealth were stimulating robust consumer demand.
Other trucking firms have also been passing on the rising cost of fuel to customers.
WestJet's president and CEO Clive Beddoe said the results reflect a 4% increase in aircraft utilization during the quarter and rising domestic demand.
West Side postwar units registered the highest median sales price, rising 23% to $800,000.
The United States continues to enjoy healthy gains in retail sales because house prices are still rising at double digit rates despite a year of monetary tightening.
Following the norm in recent years, world SR production and consumption grew roughly at the same rate, with inventories rising last year.
It is not rising prices, which is an effect of inflation.
Economic activity is on the rise, but plastics resin prices appear to be rising even faster.
Because the Committee continued to see a potential need for some tightening of monetary policy to counter rising inflationary pressures, the directive included a bias toward a possible firming of reserve conditions during the intermeeting period.