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9 : to come into being <The river rises in the hills.
When wage growth rises faster than inflation, real purchasing power rises.
Interestingly, labor discretionary earnings and savings could even rise because of the fall in the dependency ratio, which is the nonworking population (those under 14 and over 65 years old) divided by the working population (ages 15-64).
But the adjustment has occurred much faster than most businesses anticipated, with the process likely intensified by the rise in the cost of energy that has drained business and household purchasing power.
As I pointed out earlier, demand has been depressed by the rise in energy prices as well as by the needed slowing in the pace of accumulation of business capital and consumer durable assets.
The slowdown in the growth of final demand had given rise to inventory buildups in some industries; in turn, the production cutbacks undertaken in response to those buildups were having a further damping effect on economic activity.
The rise in bond yields has boosted the dollar in foreign exchange markets; since mid-April, the dollar has generally traded against an average of the currencies of the other major industrial countries about 4 percent above its level at the end of December.
The small rise in the median values of income and net worth and the simultaneous substantial rise in the mean values indicate that the distributions of income and net worth became more concentrated between 1983 and 1989.