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Illinois (nonbinding, giving voters' opinion only), $8.25, would rise to $10
We thought cap rates for buildings without upside potential would increase with the rise in short-term rates.
In 2006, inflation rates may rise to above 5 percent in the United States if economic growth continues at current rates, even if the dollar holds its value.
New orders and investment spending continue to rise, thanks to steady expansion in the U.S.
Of all the threats facing island nations, the rise in sea level could be the most catastrophic.
This will serve to lure buyers back to their stocks in lieu of guaranteed rises and splits.
In short, two-thirds of the rise in the poverty rate occurred before Reagan's tax and budget policies could take hold, and all the rise occurred before ERTA [the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981] was fully in place.
Empirical research shows that the so-called Phillips Curve phenomenon applies to Japan--as the jobless rate falls, core CPI inflation rises. In particular, the inflation rate will start rising as the jobless rate falls below 4 percent for a sustained period (over six months).
A large majority of them see the most likely outcome for this year as being one in which real gross domestic product rises 2 1/4 percent to 2 3/4 percent over the four quarters of 1992; the central tendency of the forecasts for 1993 spans a range of 2 3/4 to 3 percent.
Goldstein explained those numbers are more attributable to the retail sector and are not office condo rises.
As the wage rate goes up, the opportunity cost of leisure rises-that is, the income forgone by not working rises as the wage rate rises.
COWARDLY Scots MPs last night refused to come out and say if they are in favour of their impending 11 per cent pay rise - despite many saying in private that they are.