rise in

rise in (something)

1. To increase or grow larger in some metric. Incidence of identity theft has been rising in frequency each year. The motherboard continued rising in temperature until the computer finally crashed. You should get a good stockbroker if you want your investments to rise in value over the years.
2. To reach a more prominent position in some group, organization, company, etc. Entry level positions are pretty easy to come by, but rising in the company requires years of hard work, additional training, and middling salaries. She continued to rise in the navy, eventually becoming the first female four-star admiral.
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rise in something

to increase in something. I hope that this land rises in value over the next few years. Her expensive antique car actually rose in value during the first year.
See also: rise
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The INS said this acceleration is mainly due to the rise in prices of products in the manufacturing industry by 4.
However, the commercial platform segment is projected to grow at a comparatively higher CAGR during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020, primarily driven by the demand for new aircraft in response to the burgeoning rise in air travel and congestion of airspace.
The call comes after new research revealed that a rise in burglaries nationally is expected to coincide with the end of British Summer Time tomorrow.
The hike is believed to be fuelled by the recession and a rise in unemployment.
The warning comes after a rise in the number of break-ins in Sunderland where the burglar has got in through an unlocked door.
Operation Conifer was launched in the city last month after a high rise in the number of break-ins and so far 14 have been charged with offences involving stolen laptops, other electrical items and jewellery.
THE Daily Post would like to point that yesterday's front page story "Four-fold rise in burglaries" contained inaccuracies.
A SHOCK 70% rise in shed and garage break-ins in Hambleton has prompted a campaign to improve home safety.
The Cuban-American DJ, who also moonlights as half of both underground-house duos Funky Green Dogs and Murk, has been one of the leading catalysts in a sharp rise in dance-floor fanny bumping; one listen to this seamless two-disc compilation illustrates why.
Moreover, Canada, which has long accepted gender claims, has experienced no dramatic rise in such requests.
Luxury car thieves and sneak burglars have been blamed for a dramatic rise in break-ins across the West Midlands despite a major offensive by police in the area.
As a result, local police predicted a rise in the number of homicides in the area--because more assault victims would die before they could obtain proper medical care.
Whatever the ultimate cause of the rise in citizenship applications, the sheer volume quickly created a dilemma for the INS.
A rise in hate crimes since 1991 shadows the current anti-immigrant rhetoric.