rise against

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rise against (someone or something)

To rebel or revolt against someone or something; to begin resisting or defying someone or something. After their pay was cut a third time, the employees rose against the management and began an organized strike. Citizens around the country have begun rising against the military's seizure of power.
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rise (up) against someone or something

to challenge someone or something; to rebel against someone or something. The citizens rose up against their elected officials. They rose up against the abusive power of the government.
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The MUO has provided volunteer work through its contestants in the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, said Jomar Fleras, executive director of Rise Against Hunger Philippines.
It also says sterling is stronger against 29 major currencies than it was a year ago - and despite a 20% rise against the Turkish lira the country is 60% more expensive than th C t b f JCosta the Costas because of rising local costs.
AL MUSTAQBAL said that the internet and other social networks had already been urging Syrians to rise against the regime but newspaper reports in Beirut said the calls were largely ignored.
USD will also rise against the yen, with a target of 96/98 USD/JPY;
Addressing voters in Puranpur in Pilibhit, which goes to the polls in the last phase May 13, Varun said: "We should rise against the Mayawati government as she is against the poor and those promoting nationalism.
Artist: Rise Against (support from Cancer Bats and The Bronx).
I was sitting with him at breakfast one day a few years back, and I mentioned to him that I had just been on tour with Rise Against and their guitar player, Todd, was one of the most amazing performers that I had ever seen, and that seeing him play had inspired me to write some songs in order to start a new band with him.
TO see an excellent band like Rise Against in a venue like the Academy 2 really is a rare treat.
As neither country wants its currency to rise against the dollar, they could easily expand their foreign exchange reserves by another trillion dollars in order to fund the U.
While prosecution is on the rise against companies and individuals who perpetrate these scams, this offers little solace to the victims.
EUROPEAN Union finance ministers said yesterday that Europe and the US must act to stem the euro's rise against the US dollar.
Observing that the American occupation of Iraq has passed the one-year mark with no end in sight, Exiting Iraq questions the Bush Administration's costly operation, suggesting that America's presence actually encourages a new class of terrorists to rise against the United States, and undermines attempts to bring about political and economic reform.
Japan's interventions to brake the yen's rise against the dollar have taken on massive proportions.
75pc base rate could exacerbate the pound's rise against the weak dollar and hit exports hard.