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With a smaller burden to support the dependent population, discretionary labor income and personal savings will rise.
Hence, it is likely that energy cost increases contributed significantly more to the deteriorating profitability of nonfinancial, non-energy corporations in the fourth quarter than is suggested by the energy-related rise in total unit costs alone.
On the basis of information presented last week, Meier says the best predictions now call for a rise of only one-third meter with a doubling of 1950 carbon dioxide levels.
And the experience of the rise of inflation in the seventies left many thinking that high interest rates are the only cure.
Despite high levels of resource utilization, inflation and inflationary expectations had remained subdued to date, reflecting to some extent special influences like the rise in the foreign exchange value of the dollar.
For every 1-centimeter rise in sea level, 1 meter of sandy beach on the outer coast would erode under the incessant pounding of waves, according to the report.
Most members of the FOMC expect the rise in the consumer price index over the four quarters of 1996 to be in the range of 3 percent to 3 1/4 percent, about 1/4 percentage point higher than they predicted last winter.
Moreover, insofar as the Administration's numbers were predicated, in part, on the assumption that short-term interest rates would rise modestly in 1994, the recent tightening action by the Federal Reserve does not appear to be inconsistent with the Administration's outlook.
Sales east of Park Avenue averaged $541 per square foot in 1998, up from $447, versus a rise to $649.
The small rise in the median values of income and net worth and the simultaneous substantial rise in the mean values indicate that the distributions of income and net worth became more concentrated between 1983 and 1989.
These factors contributed to a substantial rise in velocity, the ratio of nominal GNP to the stock of money.
However, with labor markets tightening, there also was a quickening in the rise of wages and total hourly compensation, which affected prices more generally.