ripple through

ripple through (someone or something)

1. To pass through or along a body of water, casting ripples in its wake. I sat watching the snake as it rippled silently through the water. She loved rippling through the lake on her row boat as the sun rose up over the horizon.
2. To travel through a some thing, place, or group of people in a series of low murmurs or small, understated actions. The news sent excitement rippling through the office. A few pockets of protest have rippled through the streets, but the police were quick to stamp it out.
3. To pass through someone in a subtle and indistinct way. A pang of fear rippled through me as I tried to remember where I had packed my passport. Excitement was rippling through me as I waited for Sandra to come through the gates at the airport.
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ripple through something

1. Lit. to move through a liquid so as to cause ripples or tiny waves. The canoe rippled through the still water. A tiny snake rippled through the water of the swamp.
2. Fig. to move through something or a group of people in a ripple or wave motion. A murmur of excitement rippled through the crowd. Some giggling rippled through the group of children sitting by the door.
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