rip (someone or something) apart

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rip (someone or something) apart

1. Literally, to tear someone or something into several pieces. The dog got ahold of my report and ripped it apart! I know there's a stereotype that sharks will rip swimmers apart the moment they have the chance, but this is simply not true.
2. To cause great damage, disorder, or ruin to someone or something. Enjoy the tranquility and order of your house now, because soon your kids will start ripping the place apart. Sarah's very first opponent in amateur boxing ripped her apart, but that's how it goes for most novice fighters.
3. To criticize, upbraid, or condemn someone or something severely or thoroughly. A: "Have you heard anything about this movie we're about to see?" B: "Well, one reviewer ripped it apart, but I still think it's going to be great." I hear John's bosses ripped him apart at his annual performance review.
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rip someone or something apart

to tear someone or something apart into pieces. The automobile accident ripped the car apart. Don't rip apart the newspaper!
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rip somebody/something aˈpart/to ˈshreds, ˈbits, etc.

destroy something; criticize somebody/something very strongly: Can you believe it? I spent all that time preparing my report, only to have it ripped to shreds! OPPOSITE: praise somebody/something to the skies
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Yet instead of standing together as a country, fear and doubt are ripping us apart. When united, Britain's spirit will triumph over all, as we saw in 1939.
This is ripping us apart, and there are enough things ripping us apart." But now he is poised to vote Kavanaugh on to the highest court in the land.
"The media is ripping us apart and the sales team say it's affecting new business.
"But we started poorly and got progressively worse with Boston's 17-year-old winger Nathan Koranteng, on loan from Peterborough, continually ripping us apart.
Will the divisions of this decade still be ripping us apart in 2050?
For years the vanguard pointed out the obvious, namely cut-price teams, supposedly ponderous Boro's inferiors, ripping us apart with frightening pace and power, bottle and a gushing self belief.
I don't think teams are ripping us apart - it's a case of us beating ourselves.
"Teams aren't ripping us apart but they don't need to.
Today Sarah says: "The parenting classes were supposed to help us as a family but they ended up ripping us apart and causing nothing but hurt.
I remember him ripping us apart last season when he was playing for Coventry, so to have secured his services is a real boost.'
It has not been a case of teams ripping us apart, we have just been sloppy, but when the defenders make a mistake it invariably leads to a goal."
"We've had a tough week with Derry ripping us apart at home, and then having to go to Cork," stated Long.
"After that, we were being criticised for fun and the press were ripping us apart. When we played Rangers in August, and lost, things still weren't going well but we've improved rapidly since then.
"If we drop the head for one minute Kerry are capable of ripping us apart so it's important that we stay focused throughout," he added.