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rip up

1. To tear something, especially paper, into small pieces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rip" and "up." The dog ripped up my presentation for science class—now what am I going to do? He began ripping the ticket up that had been left on his windshield for parking in a disabled spot.
2. To remove something from the ground or floor by pulling or tearing it very forcefully. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rip" and "up." Don't wear your cleats when you're running around my yard or you'll rip up the grass! We decided it made more since to just rip the carpet up rather than paying a specialist to come and clean it.
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rip someone or something up

to tear someone or something into bits; to mutilate someone or something. Careful! That machine will rip you up if you fall in. I ripped up the contract and threw the pieces in the trash.
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rip something up

to take something up by force and remove it. (Usually refers to something on the floor or ground, such as carpeting or pavement.) They are going to rip all the broken sidewalk up. The workers ripped up the pavement and loaded the pieces into a truck.
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rip up

1. To tear something roughly or energetically into small pieces: He ripped up the letter and threw it away. She ripped the contract up and left the office.
2. To pull or remove something violently from the ground or floor: When I ripped up the carpet, I could see that the wooden floor was in good condition. The gophers ripped my lawn up.
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ripped (up)

and ripped (off)
mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated; under the effects of marijuana. Why do you have to get ripped up like that?
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