rip (someone or something) apart

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rip (someone or something) apart

1. Literally, to tear someone or something into several pieces. The dog got ahold of my report and ripped it apart! I know there's a stereotype that sharks will rip swimmers apart the moment they have the chance, but this is simply not true.
2. To cause great damage, disorder, or ruin to someone or something. Enjoy the tranquility and order of your house now, because soon your kids will start ripping the place apart. Sarah's very first opponent in amateur boxing ripped her apart, but that's how it goes for most novice fighters.
3. To criticize, upbraid, or condemn someone or something severely or thoroughly. A: "Have you heard anything about this movie we're about to see?" B: "Well, one reviewer ripped it apart, but I still think it's going to be great." I hear John's bosses ripped him apart at his annual performance review.
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rip someone or something apart

to tear someone or something apart into pieces. The automobile accident ripped the car apart. Don't rip apart the newspaper!
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rip somebody/something aˈpart/to ˈshreds, ˈbits, etc.

destroy something; criticize somebody/something very strongly: Can you believe it? I spent all that time preparing my report, only to have it ripped to shreds! OPPOSITE: praise somebody/something to the skies
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The torment of not having a body, a funeral, a gravestone to pay their respects, has ripped them apart. After the breakthrough in Deirdre's case, gardai must make the same push for information in the other cases.
The jokes were easy to make - Chelsea's squad is worth a billion pounds while FK Carrier Bag's cost 5p etc - and the bears feasted on matchday one when the Blues ripped them apart 6-0 at Stamford Bridge.
Spain's defence was panic-stricken and masterly moves by Law and Davie Wilson ripped them apart.
Matt Coles (six for 32) ripped them apart and Yorkshire were indebted to a bright late knock from Adil Rashid.
The Gunners ripped them apart earlier in the campaign and a repeat could be on the cards.
We scored three brilliant goals and ripped them apart at will and some of the attacking football was the best I've seen for a while.
The visitors were back in the pavilion for only 125 as Daniel Moore and Tristan Lazarus ripped them apart with figures of 4-30 and 3-43.
``We created some good chances, ripped them apart in the first half and just didn't put the ball in the net.
In fact I thought we were the better team, we ripped them apart at times and controlled the game.
YORKSHIRE'S lower order scored valuable runs after Kyle Jarvis ripped them apart early on in the Roses match at Headingley.
Gloucester suffered their first home defeat for seven months as quality Quins ripped them apart with a sizzling second half demolition.
Liam Buckley admitted his Saints were 'not good enough' and 'too nice' as Zalgiris ripped them apart on the counter.
Sale ripped them apart - just as he did in the earlier league meeting two months ago.
He ripped them apart. It's so close to happening for him here."
Australia's pace ace Glenn McGrath ripped them apart with 5-28.