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rip away

1. To tear something off or away from something else, especially with intense, violent force. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rip" and "away." Quit ripping the bark away from the tree like that—it isn't good for it! The kids ran into the room full of presents and began ripping away wrapping paper as fast as they could.
2. To remove someone from something or someone else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "rip" and "away." It was heartbreaking watching them rip him away from his family like that. They had to rip me away from the party.
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1. noun, slang A swindle or con; a rip-off. They're going to charge me $800 to fix the engine? Man, what a rip!
2. noun, slang An inhalation of smoke from some combustible drug. Hey, you want a rip off this bong? The last thing I remember was taking a rip of crack.
3. verb, slang To inhale smoke from a drug pipe. Make sure you bring some snacks, 'cause we're going to spend the night ripping bongs!
4. verb, slang To expel (a fart). Oh God, who ripped one? It smells like a rotten pumpkin!
5. verb, informal To move at a reckless or precipitous speed. Some jackanapes came ripping through the neighborhood at 90 miles an hour. He could have killed someone!
6. verb, informal To create a digital copy (of a CD or DVD). Could you rip this CD to the computer for me? I want to download the songs onto a MyPod so I can listen to them while I run.
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1. mod. intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. I don’t know what I drank, but I’m really ripped.
2. mod. muscular; having sharply defined muscles. I worked and worked to get ripped, but I’m just not made that way.
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A glue joint finish can be defined as follows: Ripped strips must hold a width tolerance of [+ or -]0.005 inch throughout the length of the piece.
When set at acceptable perpendicular position, an arbor will deliver a trace crosshatching on ripped strips.
Then he contacted the Guinness record keepers and learned that top honors had gone to a guy who had ripped 12 1,000-page phone books in three minutes.
He was initially allotted just enough time to tear apart one phone book until he ripped through five back-stage for Leno in 20 seconds.
The field was ripped at contour intervals of about 8 m (26.25 ft) and to a depth of 0.30 m (11.81 in) on December 31, 1990, when the soil was frozen 0.10-m (4 in) deep.
Steel plates were driven into the cuts 0.3 m (11.81 in) deep to define a 1-m (3.28 ft) length of ripped soil on the rip treatment and 1-m length of furrow on the no-rip treatment.
We could just be the solution to your problems!" Consumer experts will be at the centre from 10am on Saturday and 11am on Sunday to give information to prevent consumers being ripped off.
Then switch off the saw, being careful to stay out of the path of the blade in case the ripped board or cutoff piece catches in the blade and kicks back.
Encoding is the process of converting a ripped file into MP3 format.
I don't think it worked out perfectly, and there were some dudes who definitely got ripped off, but it seems like that happens at every contest.
Also, boards that contain drying stresses due to inadequate equalizing and conditioning at the end of the kiln-drying cycle will crook and twist more if gang-ripped-first into long, narrow strips than if crosscut into wider pieces before being ripped.
YOU A WINNER...Tyrell Robinson who ripped all weekend.
To illustrate, if an 8-inch-wide board is ripped into two 1-inch strips, one 2/14-inch strip and one 2 7/8-inch strip using 3/16-inch saws, the kerf waste is 11.7%.