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A bad deal; a fraudulent business or transaction. I can't believe I spent so much on this blender, and it's already broken. What a rip-off! I heard on the news that the charity is a rip-off, so don't send them any money.

rip-off merchant

One who cons or otherwise deceives people. I wouldn't play cards against him if I were you—he has a reputation as a rip-off merchant.
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rip-off artist

A person who exploits the vulnerability of others for their own sake by manipulating and taking advantage of their confidence. Be wary of rip-off artists who send emails claiming to be a bank or some other trustworthy establishment—they often ask for your personal bank details to gain access to your finances. He's just a small-time rip-off artist looking to con you into giving him a bit of money.
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1. n. a theft; a deception; an exploitation. (see also rip.) What a rip-off! I want my money back.
2. mod. having to do with theft and deception. I consider myself to be rip-off champion of North America.

(rip-)off artist

n. a con artist. Beware of the rip-off artist who runs that shop.
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Ironically, Ripoff Report is often the target of complaints on other online complaint boards (see www.
So impressed is Bob Novak by the revelations in The Big Ripoff that he feels that Tim Carney should be put in the same category as Upton Sinclair, whose book The Jungle allegedly revealed the scandalous goings-on within the meatpacking industry more than a century ago.
I am working on an article for MOTHER EARTH NEWS titled "Organized Slime: The Great Septic Ripoff.
Not only are other airlines banned from this route, but also is tax-payers' money being handed over to Air France," easyJet DG-France Francois Bacchetta commented, saying the ban also hurts Corsicans because tourists "have to pay ripoff prices.
Not when companies are making a living manufacturing ripoff products, or when competitors cozy up to the owners at trade shows to find out "what's new.
This is a deliberate ripoff by the manufacturing and repair industries.
Five years after writing his book, he ordered his favorite actor-director kidnapped from South Korea, sentenced him to a re-education camp, and forced him to shoot a Stalinist Godzilla ripoff.
We should do everything possible to secure Joe Cole on loan, then ripoff Leeds for Harte,Matteo and Bakke -all players who've done it in the Champions League.
It is good news for women that these ripoff ploys will be banned and that anyone caught trying to set up one could face a hefty fine and prison.
TRICKSTERS have turned to email to circulate ripoff chain letters which aim to con people out of cash.
To now raise the price for capacity, without ensuring we' get our money's worth, practically guarantees that this ripoff will only get worse.
From Dave Lindorff: Pennsylvania, which has one of the most open, deregulated wholesale electricity markets in the world, was the scene of a market ripoff by PP&L, one of the two dominant electricity generating companies in the state.
There are plenty of genuine reasons for supporters to down tools: over-priced tickets, ripoff merchandise, shoddy team performances and invariably inadequate facilities to name but a few.
Which brings us to the ripoff problem: They have to be your sentences, not somebody else's, and even though you knew that already there are going to be times when the specifics of "Don't Steal" look a little fuzzy to you.