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That would give the rip-off merchants involved in these contracts the cut in funding they deserve - and would prevent the need for any further cuts in essential services.
It is understood the rip-off merchants approached the victim offering to do a small amount of gardening work on Saturday, February 17.
Hundreds of tickets were hoovered up by the rip-off merchants and were soon being offered for sale on secondary sites for vastly inflated prices.
But that hasn't stopped rip-off merchants using "walkers" to go in with several people they have sold tickets to at inflated prices, say experts Ed's record company Atlantic Records said: "Tickets that are resold will not be valid unless they are bought and sold through Twickets.
But that won't stop the rip-off merchants using "walkers" to go in with several people they have sold tickets to at inflated prices, say experts.
Special exemptions should be in place to protect the sick from rip-off merchants.
It demonstrates there are still rip-off merchants who will always come up with new ways where they can rip people off, which makes a programme like ours all the more important.
Good money made in politics, all a bunch of rip-off merchants while the rest of us struggle and use food banks, make every penny count.
Utter rip-off merchants john83t New plan to limit roadworks to two-mile stretches on M62 While in favour of there being a limit on how much of the motorway is out of action at a time I remain of the mind that the work being done, ie Smart motorway, is going to be a costly mistake for some drivers and was never in approval.
I am very keen to see really good companies in Iraq and not the quick rip-off merchants that were there originally as we get nothing out of these," she said.
So I thought it would be better to share it with as many people as possible across the North East so they are alert to these people who just appear to be rip-off merchants.
In this book, Annika reveals the truth of a call girl's life; the clients, the girls, the parlor bosses, the rip-off merchants, the drug deaths, the white slavery, the discrimination, the corrupt police and politicians, the exotic travel and the money.
Hunting the Doorstep Conmen ITV Wales, 9pm Conor Woodman fronts this new, two-part series that delves into the murky world of rip-off merchants and those whose job it is to track them down - but, perhaps most interestingly, how the criminals manage to get away with their activities for so long.
In almost all cases the rip-off merchants demand cash or cheques up front.
And the Big Six power giants are laughing all the way to those other rip-off merchants - the banks.