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One follower hit out: "Doesn't matter how much you like golf, Trump is a racist, misogynist and a rip-off merchant."
Rip-off merchant: Cowboy builder Paul Henstone left a trail of misery behind him.
Teale's character is a rip-off merchant of a plumber by day and a not-very-good magician at night.
For we can reveal the tubby rip-off merchant sells pirate copies of films yet to be released in the United Kingdom.
BITTER experience tells us that rip-off merchants will always keep on fleecing if they're allowed to.
Real estate agent, Antonis Loizou, recently stated in your paper that local rip-off merchants in tourist areas have a direct effect on real estate sales.
That would give the rip-off merchants involved in these contracts the cut in funding they deserve - and would prevent the need for any further cuts in essential services.
It is understood the rip-off merchants approached the victim offering to do a small amount of gardening work on Saturday, February 17.
But that hasn't stopped rip-off merchants using "walkers" to go in with several people they have sold tickets to at inflated prices, say experts Ed's record company Atlantic Records said: "Tickets that are resold will not be valid unless they are bought and sold through Twickets.
Special exemptions should be in place to protect the sick from rip-off merchants."
Good money made in politics, all a bunch of rip-off merchants while the rest of us struggle and use food banks, make every penny count.
Utter rip-off merchants john83t New plan to limit roadworks to two-mile stretches on M62 While in favour of there being a limit on how much of the motorway is out of action at a time I remain of the mind that the work being done, ie Smart motorway, is going to be a costly mistake for some drivers and was never in approval.
Compare this to the rip-off merchants of St James Park where similar half-time sustenance would set you back more than six quid.
In this book, Annika reveals the truth of a call girl's life; the clients, the girls, the parlor bosses, the rip-off merchants, the drug deaths, the white slavery, the discrimination, the corrupt police and politicians, the exotic travel and the money.