rip-off artist

(rip-)off artist

n. a con artist. Beware of the rip-off artist who runs that shop.
See also: artist
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Even when there are no officers around, a robber or rip-off artist never knows when an armed officer will show up and probably won't be willing to make a deal at the police station.
Perhaps that business is not a legitimate business but a rip-off artist posing as a business.
Literally made a dummy of by some not-so-funny and shrewd rip-off artist.
The 38-year-old rip-off artist assures Sorted that he offers a "superb service".
One rip-off artist might act like a gardener to keep watch as his partner cuts off the power to avoid an alarm system.
This rip-off artist is doing construction jobs without permits, and is known to run with the money and leave a job unfinished.
You - the ``mark,'' or victim - nervously give the stranger your social security number along with your correct address, bank name and bank account number - enough data for the unknown rip-off artist to clone your identity.
Rise Seen in Health Insurance Scammers, by Edgar Walters - Nonprofit workers in the Rio Grande Valley say they've seen an increase this year in the number of rip-off artists charging Texans for help signing up for health insurance - a service they are eligible to get for free.
Madoff and other rip-off artists may be hated even more than either sea captain, but it's because they hurt more people, even if none of them died.
S ome of you might be familiar with "The Emperor's New Clothes,'' a tale about two rip-off artists who made fools of an emperor and the adults in his kingdom.
But right royal rip-off artists Royal Mail claim the 24mm long part is so big it must be sent as a large letter at DOUBLE last year's price.
It also follows, I think, that they are the ones who have been the most successful rip-off artists because they then have the wherewithal to, for example, incorporate their company overseas or set up overseas PO boxes or even be physically based overseas.
There are whole Markets hosted overseas just rippling with malicious badness, as well as rip-off artists on this side of the pond trying to scam whatever they can.
I his novel not only neutralizes a venomous idee fixe, it rips off the rip-off artists responsible for making the bigoted theory go viral.
We have filed complaints with various government agencies, but these rip-off artists still persist.