rip (someone or something) apart

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rip (someone or something) apart

1. Literally, to tear someone or something into several pieces. The dog got ahold of my report and ripped it apart! I know there's a stereotype that sharks will rip swimmers apart the moment they have the chance, but this is simply not true.
2. To cause great damage, disorder, or ruin to someone or something. Enjoy the tranquility and order of your house now, because soon your kids will start ripping the place apart. Sarah's very first opponent in amateur boxing ripped her apart, but that's how it goes for most novice fighters.
3. To criticize, upbraid, or condemn someone or something severely or thoroughly. A: "Have you heard anything about this movie we're about to see?" B: "Well, one reviewer ripped it apart, but I still think it's going to be great." I hear John's bosses ripped him apart at his annual performance review.
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rip someone or something apart

to tear someone or something apart into pieces. The automobile accident ripped the car apart. Don't rip apart the newspaper!
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rip somebody/something aˈpart/to ˈshreds, ˈbits, etc.

destroy something; criticize somebody/something very strongly: Can you believe it? I spent all that time preparing my report, only to have it ripped to shreds! OPPOSITE: praise somebody/something to the skies
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"I know he is going to rip us apart and I have warned Saira but luckily she is a strong woman and should be able to take it.
I think the fractures have got worse since that referendum and I think a second referendum could really rip us apart as a country.
"I think we can still make the semi-finals but our defence hasn't been truly tested yet and it depends who we get in the next round, someone like Spain could rip us apart at the back.
The bookies said we'd got no chance as Tottenham would rip us apart, but I just knew we'd beat them as our side had spirit and heart.
" We ( the political class) are lucky that people watch us, assess us and rip us apart. You ( judiciary) are not as lucky.
And if we relax, even for a moment, making the fatal mistake of continuing on with our normal lives -- and expecting the state to do the same -- our enemies will seize the chance to rip us apart, to divide us and ultimately to devour us.
things with heft we could hold, things that could rip us apart, things
They're so powerful, I thought they were just going to rip us apart.
If Cardiff get pelted at Everton and Liverpool rip us apart that won't be the end by any means.
"He told me everything, including that there was a mother of his child who'd try and rip us apart. Danny's not a bad person.
David Black, Edinburgh, said: "It pains me to say this but I fear Celtic will rip us apart if we don't step things up.
As the author says, "Nature did not rip us apart. We did, in our minds."
Despite looking like she could rip us apart limb-from-limb, the lioness barely glanced in our direction - apparently, while in the vehicle, we we're not considered part of her food chain, but should any of us have ventured closer on foot, Glenn says he wouldn't have predicted a happy ending.
"At no stage did they look like they would rip us apart like they did Portsmouth."