rip in half

rip (someone or something) in half

1. To tear someone or something into halves or two pieces of relatively equal size. The strongman impressed the audience by ripping a phonebook in half with his bare hands. The demonic creature grabbed poor Ishmael and ripped him in half.
2. To cause someone a devastating amount of emotional and psychological pain. Seeing my ex-wife strolling down the street with her new boyfriend, the two of them as happy as could be, well, it nearly ripped me in half. It ripped her heart in half to see her poor child in so much agony, but there was nothing she could do to stop the illness from spreading.
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rip something in half

 and rip something in two
to tear something into two parts. Did you know that Ed can rip a telephone book in half? I can rip a newspaper in two.
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