rip down

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rip something down

to tear something down. (Alludes to something that has been posted or mounted.) The custodian ripped all the posters down at the end of the day. He ripped down the posters.
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John Hatfield said he had to rip down a metal panel, above left, to get to his row's oxygen masks during an emergency landing
Mr Yaqoob, 36, was ordered to rip down his dream house after it was built without meeting all the conditions of the planning permission.
A slew of garage-sale signs tacked throughout his West Hills neighborhood: ``It's tacky,'' he said, stopping the cruiser to rip down the signs.
COUNCILLORS of all political parties have joined forces to rip down racist posters which have been put up in Coventry.
They came as a rip down the front of a blouse, or a slash up the back of a boot, creating a raunchy rather than romantic effect.
A BUSINESSMAN was yesterday told by a judge to rip down a hillside home he built without planning permission.
They want to rip down the Victorian houses - many of which are crumbling beyond repair - and build new houses and flats.
Another added: "People did rip down trees and fences to make fires and there was one load of mess when the sun started going down, so God knows what it must have been like the next morning.
The deadline means workers have a race against time to rip down the steel frame, fill in cellars dug below the structure and even turf over the area.
NOW Christmas is properly over, we can't wait to rip down the decorations and bundle the cards up into the recycling bin.
The inside pitch he used to turn on and rip down the left-field line is now a base hit to left field, or a pop out.
It's a pity the Cardiff planners are so obsessed with allowing people to rip down the old and put up the new.
Demolition" is billed as a campaign to find and rip down Britain's worst building and viewers are invited to vote for a contender which "`you really hate or makes your life a misery".
I HAVE been following the Grosvenor deba te for some time now, especially the future of Quiggins, and I think it's pretty ironic for Liverpool and the people of the city,after being named Capital of Culture, to rip down the very estab - lishments that helped Liverpool get the title.