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rinse someone or something down

to wash or clean someone or something with water or other fluid. I rinsed him down for an hour and still didn't get the smell of skunk off him. I had to rinse down the driveway.
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rinse someone or something off

to wash or clean someone or something by flushing with water or other fluid. Mother rinsed the baby off and dried him with a soft towel. She rinsed off the baby.
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rinse someone's mouth out (with soap)

 and wash someone's mouth out (with soap)
Fig. to punish one by washing one's mouth out with soap, especially for using foul language. (Usually a jocular threat.) If you say that again, I'll rinse your mouth out with soap. I will wash out your mouth if you swear.
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rinse something down (with something)

to wash something down one's throat with a liquid; to follow something that one has eaten with a drink to aid its going down. Alice rinsed the cheeseburger down with a milkshake. She rinsed down the sandwich with a drink.
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rinse something out

1. to clean cloth or clothing partially by immersing it in water and squeezing it out. Can you please rinse this rag out? It's all dirty. Please rinse out your clothes to make sure there is no soap left in them.
2. to launder something delicate, such as feminine underwear, using a mild soap. I have to go rinse a few things out. After I rinse out some things, I will be right with you.
3. to clean the inside of a container partially by flushing it out with water. Rinse the bottle out and throw it away. Rinse out the bottle and throw it away.
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rinse something out of something

to remove something from something by flushing it with water. See if you can rinse the dirt out of this jacket. I can't rinse out the dirt.
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rinse something with something

to flush something with some fluid. You should rinse your clothes in milk or tomato juice to remove the smell of the skunk. Please rinse the stain with cold water.
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rinse off

1. To remove dirt, soap, or some other residue from the surface of something by washing with water or other liquid: Please rinse off the detergent before you dry the dishes. I rinsed the soap off the frying pan.
2. To wash something lightly with water or other liquid to remove residue: I rinsed the dishes off and put them in the rack to dry. I rinsed off the deck chairs with a hose.
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rinse out

1. To remove dirt, soap, or some other residue within something by washing with water or other liquid: I rinsed the soap out of the rags. Take these old cans and rinse out the dirt. I used turpentine on the brushes to rinse the paint out.
2. To wash something lightly with water or other liquid to remove residue from within it: I rinsed out the glasses and put them on the rack to dry. The inside of the bowl was full of dust, so I rinsed it out before I used it.
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The effect of different combinations of dentifrices and rinsing protocols (groups) was tested using ANOVA, considering volunteers as a source of variation.
The rinsing water evaporates, and the reclaimed salt is again in the supply cycle.
Additionally, the product does not require damaging power washing, brushing techniques or rinsing.
Because it is a sterile, closed system, risks like those being reported with the Neti Pots should not be an issue and patients will get the benefits of sinus rinsing without worry.
They sequester hard water ions, such as magnesium and calcium, to ensure efficient cleaning and rinsing for streak-free and spotless tableware.
Make sure water levels are adequate to provide proper rinsing and dispersal of all chemicals.
For effective cleaning and hygiene, it is essential to use high temperatures, high speed washing and rinsing.
Besides helping to eliminate parasites and microbial contamination, rinsing fruits will help remove dirt, dust and any residual pesticides.
After rinsing, the parts were free of wetting action and, with only a few residual drops of water left, they were hand wiped.
Aggressive washing reduces paper to a pulp, which is removed by rinsing the flake with boiling water as an auger conveyor lifts it up an inclined cage.
Several published university studies have confirmed the efficacy of nasal rinsing with a hypertonic solution for relieving sinus symptoms and improving respiratory health.
The method entails rinsing surfaces of the equipment with water to remove water-soluble contaminants and waste material and applying an alkaline rinse solution having a pH ranging from 8.
There's more good news: a recent nationwide survey of parents found that a majority of children are already rinsing regularly after brushing (very good
If the whirligig beetle Dineutes hornii makes its precious slime supply last until the fish gives up rinsing, the beetle swims away free.
After cutting, the wash water is removed from the film on a Hydrasieve static screen, isolated from the rinsing area, filtered and recycled.