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rinse someone or something down

to wash or clean someone or something with water or other fluid. I rinsed him down for an hour and still didn't get the smell of skunk off him. I had to rinse down the driveway.
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rinse someone or something off

to wash or clean someone or something by flushing with water or other fluid. Mother rinsed the baby off and dried him with a soft towel. She rinsed off the baby.
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rinse someone's mouth out (with soap)

 and wash someone's mouth out (with soap)
Fig. to punish one by washing one's mouth out with soap, especially for using foul language. (Usually a jocular threat.) If you say that again, I'll rinse your mouth out with soap. I will wash out your mouth if you swear.
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rinse something down (with something)

to wash something down one's throat with a liquid; to follow something that one has eaten with a drink to aid its going down. Alice rinsed the cheeseburger down with a milkshake. She rinsed down the sandwich with a drink.
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rinse something out

1. to clean cloth or clothing partially by immersing it in water and squeezing it out. Can you please rinse this rag out? It's all dirty. Please rinse out your clothes to make sure there is no soap left in them.
2. to launder something delicate, such as feminine underwear, using a mild soap. I have to go rinse a few things out. After I rinse out some things, I will be right with you.
3. to clean the inside of a container partially by flushing it out with water. Rinse the bottle out and throw it away. Rinse out the bottle and throw it away.
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rinse something out of something

to remove something from something by flushing it with water. See if you can rinse the dirt out of this jacket. I can't rinse out the dirt.
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rinse something with something

to flush something with some fluid. You should rinse your clothes in milk or tomato juice to remove the smell of the skunk. Please rinse the stain with cold water.
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rinse off

1. To remove dirt, soap, or some other residue from the surface of something by washing with water or other liquid: Please rinse off the detergent before you dry the dishes. I rinsed the soap off the frying pan.
2. To wash something lightly with water or other liquid to remove residue: I rinsed the dishes off and put them in the rack to dry. I rinsed off the deck chairs with a hose.
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rinse out

1. To remove dirt, soap, or some other residue within something by washing with water or other liquid: I rinsed the soap out of the rags. Take these old cans and rinse out the dirt. I used turpentine on the brushes to rinse the paint out.
2. To wash something lightly with water or other liquid to remove residue from within it: I rinsed out the glasses and put them on the rack to dry. The inside of the bowl was full of dust, so I rinsed it out before I used it.
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The abbot was a council participant, Rahner a theological adviser, Rinser correspondent for a German Catholic newspaper.
MYSTERY SOLVED: A Salviati finger bowl and a wine glass rinser or cooler
The initial phase of the project was to remove and transfer certain canning equipment from the recently closed Berkshire Brewery in Reading, such as the can rinser & filler and the empty can feed system.
It includes a 12-spout inverted rinser, 12-valve counter-pressure filling heads, double pre-evacuation of [CO.
A neck-rail system conveys them pneumatically to the rinser, which turns them upside down and hits them on the inside with a jet of water sterilized with UV light.
Two single-cartridge filter housings contain a pre- and final filter for the recirculation water that is returning from the bottle rinser and rinser reservoir basin.
For washing, Caster says he sells equipment from pressure washers that range from 3,000 to 4,000 psi to the Bitard or "Bordeaux barrel rinser.
A highly-automated packaging line was installed by Prospero Equipment It includes a 12-spout inverted rinser, 12-valve counter-pressure filling heads, double pre-evacuation of [CO.
It uses a cable system and single rinser to move the cans along to the filler.
Rhetech sells and services fully remanufactured and restored Semitool Spin Rinser Dryers, Spray Solvent Tools, Spray Acid Tools, Magnum and Spectrum batch processors and Equinox single wafer processing systems.
Thomas Jordan, CEO, described the set-up at Peregrine Mobile Bottling LLC in Napa: First, a McBrady Orbit Rinser cleans bottles with sterilized, compressed air before they enter the Krones/Kosme counter-pressure filler-bloc equipped with 24 filling valves, a four-head AROL corker and three-head screwcapper, working at speeds up to 75 bottles per minute.
An automatic hand washer delivers a preset soap dose and is followed by an automatic rinser.
The Pepsi-Cola Seattle bottling plant was having trouble coordinating the movement of PET bottles between the rinser and the filler.
Bottling involves a simple hand rinser to sanitize, and a two-station, timed bottler with [CO.
For the rinsing process the plastic bottles are turned upside-down in the transfer star before entering the rinser and are returned into their original position in the outfeed star.