rinse with

rinse with (something)

To flush or wash out (something) with some liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rinse" and "with." Quick, rinse your eyes with water—those chemicals could damage your eyesight. After I'm done cleaning your teeth, I'll have you rinse with this special fluoride solution to help strengthen them.
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rinse something with something

to flush something with some fluid. You should rinse your clothes in milk or tomato juice to remove the smell of the skunk. Please rinse the stain with cold water.
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(14) A 2011 5-day plaque re-growth study compared a propolis-based rinse with 0.2% CHG and a placebo and demonstrated the CHG rinse to significantly reduce plaque (p < 0.05) compared to both the propolis-based rinse and the placebo.
Have a warm shower first to remove impurities, and then finish with a fast five-minute rinse with cold water.
The children, aged six to fourteen years old, were treated either with a fluoride-containing mouth rinse or a placebo (a mouth rinse with no active ingredient).
The post-rinse SP samples were collected 20 minutes after a 30-second rinse with either distilled water (Group 1) or 0.1 ppm ozonated water (Group 2).
1.2% LSO rinse 1.4% LSO gel Hyetellose 1.20 g LSO 1.2 ml 1.4 ml Polysorbate 80 8.00 ml 4.44 ml Mentha Arvensis essence 0.10 ml 0.10 ml Citric acid 0.60 g 0.60 g Sodium saccharin 0.40 g 0.40 g Purified water 89.70 ml 91.86 g For topical application of the mouth wash formulations, children were instructed to rinse with a volume of 5 ml during 1 min, whereas each gel treatment was applied by placing 5 ml of the gel inside pre-fabricated trays, and applied once to the dentition during 4 min.
Procter & Gamble said on Thursday that the company has introduced Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse with fluoride for tooth care to its family of Crest Pro-Health family.
The cleaning routine involves a pre-rinse using water recovered from the final rinse, a hot wash with a 1% caustic solution, an intermediate rinse with fresh water and a sterilant phase followed by the final rinse using fresh water.
Tea Tree can be used to treat mouth ulcers; simply dab the ulcer with a drop of tea tree essential oil then after 10 minutes, rinse with water.
Drain, rinse with cold water until cool, and drain again thoroughly.
OIL (cod liver oil, linseed oil, machine oil, vegetable oil): Rub soap or detergent into stain and rinse with warm water.
This modality is indicated for residents who are independent and want to shower; for those who need to rinse with running water to "feel clean"; for those who are unable to use a tub but still want the traditional soap-and-water bath and for those with injuries or wounds that should not be submerged.