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ring-tailed snorter

1. old-fashioned A pig, referring to its curly ("ringed") tail and distinctive snorting. My city-slicker cousin couldn't tell a ring-tailed snorter from a cockerel, so I don't know why he'd want to come work on our farm for the summer.
2. old-fashioned A showy, eccentric, or outlandish person. Old Bill was a real ring-tailed snorter. He'd show up wearing the wildest outfits, with a personality bigger than could fit the room.
3. old-fashioned A fierce, enthusiastic, and energetic person. We pride ourselves on being ring-tailed snorters when it comes to selling your property at the best price possible.
4. old-fashioned An arrogant, pigheaded person. The new manager doesn't do a lick of work himself, just pushing other people around instead. A real ring-tailed snorter, in the words of my grandmother
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ringtailed snorter

n. someone or something energetic and powerful. Ask that ringtailed snorter to calm down and come over here for a minute.
See also: ringtail, snorter
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Testing of additional archived tissues from 8 similarly affected ringtail possums and 3 rabbits did not identify further cases positive for F.
I then apply clear fingernail polish to the ringtail portion of the bullet and insert it into the open end of the tube.
While taking this drive on early mornings, or at twilight, it is not unusual to encounter various mammals, such as wildcats, kangaroo rats, skunks, ringtail cats, and others.
It also includes several stories from the ancestors about how animals have come to be as they are today, such as how the ringtail once lived under water but came to live on land (p.
Today, tracts of lower montane habitat in New Guinea can support six or more giant rats, together with 3-4 cuscuses, several ringtail possums, along with other small mammals.
Among the other stars of the Jungle Encounters shows are hedgehogs, a lizard, a rabbit, a ferret, a ringtail cat and hissing cockroaches.
The fossil accumulation represents prey recovered from generations of ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) dung.
For instance, why ringtail possums eat their own manure, ants of the same species fight and kill each other to feed their victims to their young and, or why, hummingbirds must eat insects.
The final section recounts Philip's murmured invitation to the ringtail cat: "My place, your place.
The High Level Ranters are at the Black Bull (2nd); Tommy Whitle (ex-Ted Heath Band) will feature with the resident band at Blaydon House Sports & Social Club (5th); Steve Lee at the Cricket Club (also 5th); Deacon Jones & The Sinners at the Bisley (6th) and US bluesman, Bill Sheffield & The Ringtail Rounders are at the RnB club on the 8th.
A ringtail possum (left) and a pygmy possum are treated by a wildlife official in Sydney, Australia
1996) and this was also the time for detoxification metabolites to appear at a maximum and steady state in the urine of common ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) fed Eucalyptus radiata (McLean et al.
When a male ringtail picks a fight with another male, he rubs his tail over special scent glands on his body.