ring hollow

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ring hollow

To sound or give the sense of being false, insincere, or not genuine. The statements that followed made her apology ring hollow. The dialogue in the film rings hollow—no one talks like that in real life.
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ring hollow


sound hollow

COMMON If a statement or promise rings hollow or sounds hollow, it does not seem true or sincere. Now the promise of a long, secure career rings hollow, employers must find new ways to attract staff. Official claims that the two countries are close friends sound increasingly hollow. Note: You can also say that a statement or promise has a hollow ring. The Government's claim to be making record investments in railways has a very hollow ring. Compare with ring true. Note: The idea is of an object that is meant to be solid making a loud noise when struck, indicating that it is weaker or cheaper than it was believed to be.
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ring ˈtrue/ˈfalse/ˈhollow

seem true/false/insincere: What you’ve said about Jim just doesn’t ring true. Are we talking about the same person?His apology rings a little hollow.
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That may prove to be a step forward -- but today, it rings hollow.
Waterford TD Butler said: "The national reduction in home help hours of just over 50,000 demonstrates that Health Minister Simon Harris' promises and commitments to older people rings hollow.
The Cabinet member's claim that the views of users and residents were carefully considered rings hollow.
But his whingeing and wheedling over who was behind the war crime which brought down flight MH17 rings hollow either way.
The insurgency can no longer use the justification that it is fighting foreign occupiers -- that message rings hollow," said U.
If Mr Abbott does not give this guarantee, his high rhetoric on Indigenous affairs rings hollow.
The insurgents' claim to avoid killing civilians again rings hollow as they continue their ruthless IED campaign," said Brig.
Alas, aside from the plot strand involving Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer, Marshall''s film rings hollow.
David Cameron's aloof promise of a referendum on EU membership rings hollow when he says he had to keep his promise to look after the world's poor.
There are some who think UKA's opposition to Chambers being allowed to take part rings hollow as they have not taken the same stance against Carl Myerscough, who has also served a drugs ban.
Bush's bullhorn speech atop ground zero's remains, but Stone knows that with turmoil in Afghanistan, Iraq and much of the Middle East, the presidential bravado rings hollow today.
Your Gemini cartoon about MPs needing a real job in this country, rather than representing their constituents in Parliament rings hollow - if only.
I saw plenty of posters urging schoolchildren to help make Liverpool sparkle with clean-up campaigns but this message from adults rings hollow, as it seems to be adults who are making the mess in the first place.