ring (one's) bells

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1. verb, informal To contact (someone or some organization) by telephone. She rang us from Kentucky to say that she had arrived safely. I'll ring the company in the morning and see if they can expedite the delivery.
2. noun, informal A call by telephone. Used especially with the verb "give." I'll give you a ring tomorrow once I know what my plans are.

ring (one's) bells

1. To render one stunned, insensible, or unconscious, as from a physical blow or the effects of a drug. I could hear him bad-mouthing my girlfriend, so I went over and rang his bells with a single left hook to the eye. Be careful with this stuff—it will really ring your bells if you take too much at once.
2. To be keenly attractive, interesting, or exciting to one. A lot of my friends are obsessed with going out and playing basketball or soccer, but reading a good novel is what rings my bells. If I'm honest, he isn't the type of man who would normally ring my bells, but he was so affable and funny that I felt attracted to him nonetheless.
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ring (someone's)

chimes/bells Slang
To knock (an opponent) out by physical or other force.
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References in classic literature ?
[LADY WINDERMERE rings bell.] The only thing to do is to feed the wretches well.
This rings bells in my own head each time I see the hordes of cyclists in London riding without head protection, weaving in and out of traffic and overtaking on the inside.
Climate change impacts multiple sectors and rings bells of peril to human health as well.
The striker, who left Newcastle Utd in March after scoring just three goals since 2009, posted a picture of the bizarre tattoo on Instagram with the caption: "My name RINGS BELLS #POWERFUL #RANG ER #INKKING." Ranger has no club for next season and jokers suggest he is reminding managers he needs a job.
London, Feb 27 (ANI): An eight-year-old from York rings bells weighing up to 32 stone, despite only weighing four stone himself.
You'd have to wish the old exasperator - who rings bells with Joe Public that few others do - a year of smiles rather than sadness.