ring in (one's) ears

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ring in (one's) ears

To still be vividly present in one's mind or memory, as if one can still here it. Usually said of something very loud or significant that one heard. The sound of the gunfire was still ringing in my ears the next morning. The horrible things she said to me have been ringing in my ears ever since.
See also: ear, ring

ring in someone's ears

 and ring in someone's mind
Fig. [for words or a sound] to linger in one's consciousness. Her words rang in my ears for days. The sound of the choir rang in their minds long after they had finished their anthem.
See also: ear, ring

ring in your ears (or head)

linger in the memory.
See also: ear, ring

ring in your ˈears/ˈhead

make you feel you can still hear something: Months later, the applause at the Berlin concert was still ringing in her ears.
See also: ear, head, ring
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Hunters I had no problems with before are now ringing my ears, have me dodging and ducking gun barrels and even pointing the gun camera at my dog
So you are the young man that Clive Barnes has been ringing my ears about.