ring in (one's) ears

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ring in (one's) ears

To still be vividly present in one's mind or memory, as if one can still hear it. Usually said of something very loud or significant that one heard. The sound of the gunfire was still ringing in my ears the next morning. The horrible things she said to me have been ringing in my ears ever since.
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ring in someone's ears

 and ring in someone's mind
Fig. [for words or a sound] to linger in one's consciousness. Her words rang in my ears for days. The sound of the choir rang in their minds long after they had finished their anthem.
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ring in your ears (or head)

linger in the memory.
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ring in your ˈears/ˈhead

make you feel you can still hear something: Months later, the applause at the Berlin concert was still ringing in her ears.
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Because they are specific, with ringing ears and disorientation after explosions, action scenes come alive.
"Those who suffer from ringing ears understand the frustration of those constant noises," says the company's website.
"The patient ended-up having ringing ears and a degree of deafness caused by the usage of wireless headphones.
Definitely huge smiles and ringing ears. Dancing is recommended and always rewarded!
But the attack sent terrified commuters fleeing through a smoky passageway, and three people suffered headaches and ringing ears from the first bomb blast in the subway in more than two decades.
He came back with the obligatory tour T-shirt (a mere PS30), ringing ears and a head buzzing with flashbacks that kept him awake far later than is conducive to a productive learning experience at school next morning.
''There was nothing to indicate I was going to have a stroke,'' other than frequent migraines with aura -- dizziness or altered senses such as tingling, ringing ears or sensitivity to light, Miller said.
Then, with the little strength she had left, she shrieked: "DRAGON!!!!" Shocked, the dragon took its front paws to cover its ringing ears, dropping Prince Robert.
"People, in addition to not seeking help for their tinnitus, also do not seek help for their hearing loss specifically because they concurrently have tinnitus." The report concludes that citizens with ringing ears should seek the help of a practitioner who is knowledgeable about treating tinnitus with hearing aids.
Let's just say the highly charged scene left PS with ringing ears.
At least, that's what my ringing ears are telling me.
Rock fans or melody lovers, most of them can easily relate to that sensation of ringing ears and dullness in hearing that follows when you listen to high levels of music.
I missed the earlier bands on Saturday's bill as I had a late-night skate session, but it goes without saying that this one was a monster, and there were plenty of ringing ears and hangovers for the next several days ...
But while simplifying some aspects UFC never feels dumbed down, with a more than comprehensive roster of well over 100 fighters across seven weight divisions to choose from, and features coming out of it''s bloody and probably ringing ears.