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dead ringer

A person or thing that bears a strong resemblance to someone or something else. Susie was such a dead ringer for Kate Winslet that sometimes people would ask her for her autograph.
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be a dead ringer for

To bear a strong resemblance to someone or something else. People sometimes ask Susie for her autograph because she is a dead ringer for Kate Winslet.
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put (someone or something) through the ringer

To force someone or something to endure harsh treatment or criticism. Often used in passive constructions. After years of rigorous use, I've really put this old truck through the ringer. Wow, I'm glad that interrogation is over—they put me through the ringer.
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*(dead) ringer (for someone)

Fig. very closely similar in appearance to someone else. (*Typically: be ~; look like ~.) You are sure a dead ringer for my brother. Isn't he a ringer for Chuck?

look like a (dead) ringer

(for someone) Go to a (dead) ringer (for someone).
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dead ringer

A person or thing that closely resembles another; an exact counterpart. For example, Brian's a dead ringer for his Dad, or That red bike is a dead ringer for Mary's. [Late 1800s]
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a dead ringer for someone

COMMON If you say that one person is a dead ringer for another, you mean that the first person looks or sounds exactly like the second. He's tall, dark and a dead-ringer for Robert Pattinson. Kovic is extraordinary in one respect: he's a dead ringer for the former US President. Note: The word `ringer' may originally have come from a name for dishonest traders at fairs who sold brass rings, pretending they were gold. In American horse racing, a `ringer' is a horse that has been dishonestly substituted for another in a race.
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a dead ˈringer for somebody

(informal) a person who looks extremely like somebody else: She’s a dead ringer for her mother.A ringer was a person or thing that pretended to be another person or thing. In horse racing for example, a ringer was a horse that was substituted for another in order to cheat in a race.
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(dead) ringer (for someone)

n. someone who is an exact duplicate of someone else. (see also ringer.) You are sure a dead ringer for my brother.
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dead ringer

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ringer for someone

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n. the obvious choice; the one identical to the one you have; the best match; the best match for one’s needs; the most likely choice. (see also (dead) ringer (for someone).) That’s the best horse racing today. It’s a ringer if I ever saw. one.

put through the ringer

Subjected to a harsh scolding or punishment. Before washing machine spin cycles, excess water was squeezed out of hand-washed laundry by means of a wringer mounted on an agitator-type washing machine or a sink. The device was composed of two cylinders set close together and turned by a hand crank. Being put through the wringer could be hard on delicate clothing, and being put through the metaphorical wringer, such as being chewed out by your boss, isn't much fun either.
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He is presently doing a patent study on hog control: ringers, holders, snouters and jewelry.
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Mr Pike, of Radford Road fire station, said: "This is a real scenario - bell ringers have had heart attacks and died in churches in the past.
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City Ballet had not given The Sleeping Beauty for four years, and opened the run with a case led by Ringer and Neal as Aurora and the Prince who wakes her from her long sleep.
He did not return until late Friday afternoon after police located the pair in their car, Jenny Ringer said.
In passing, he referred to "a notorious ringer mastermind named Paddy Barrie, a native of England" who, "in 1933, succeeded in substituting a horse named Aknahton for other horses at least three times", before being caught by Pinkerton Agency detectives.
Bell towers are commonly found in churches, but you don't have to go to church to become a bell ringer.
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Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet comes from a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet, and provides a powerful memoir of how dancer Jenifer Ringer became a professional ballerina and participated in the New York City Ballet for over twenty years.
Michael Scott, Christ Church historian and current bell-ringer, said: "The ringers were determined to keep up the old traditions even though it meant them missing out on coronation parties or missing watching the event on the 'new fangled' televisions.
Each ringer has only a few bells which have to be played at precisely the right time and the right volume in conjunction with all the other members of the team in order to produce the full effect of the music.