ring with

ring with something

1. Lit. to resound with something. The morning air rang with the sound of church bells. The canyon rang with the sound of gunfire.
2. [for a bell] to ring in some characteristic way. The bells seemed to ring with unusual clarity on this fine Sunday morning. The doorbell rang with an urgency that could not be ignored.
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Stephen Feuerman of NYC jeweler Stephen Russell, which specializes in period jewelry, said that the unique design of the ring came from around the 1900s, but it resurged in popularity after Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with a sapphire cluster ring with surrounding diamonds in 1981.
The Reversible Ring is now available for Chinese frames: producers just have to replace the existing ring with the double life ring with a special aluminium adaptor.
"Many parents are excited to share their ring with their child and when that conversation begins, many parents bring theirs in to get resized or cleaned and polished.
then Q is a Loop) that the quasigroup ring RQ will be a non-associative ring with unit.
Last year, Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave each of his players a ring with 104 diamonds.
A ring like "The Major," a carved green gold ring with a blue-white diamond, was advertised as something "for the 'he-man' who appreciates true value." Men's rings that were not wedding-specific signaled their association with power or positions of authority through style names like the Pilot, the Advocate, the Master, the Executive, and the Stag.
Unlike the proposed male engagement ring custom, the purchase of the femal e engagement ring was a cultural event legitimized in advertisements showing the bride-to-be trying on her ring with her future husband watching (16) (figure 3).
He is not larger than life or a "superhobbit." When Gandalf first suggests to him that he leave the Shire and take the Ring with him, Frodo says: "'But this would mean exile, a flight from danger into danger, drawing it after me.
Even more puzzling is the fact that in 1796 Herschel's contemporary Johann Hieronymus Schroter carefully examined the space between the globe of Saturn and the inner edge of the ring with his own 19-inch Newtonian and found it uniformly dark.
solution is one ring with 2 flanges and one aluminium holder with a cut.
While denying the connection of the War of the Ring with World War II, Tolkien acknowledges in the revised Foreword of The Lord of the Rings that images of World War I, which he served in, may have influenced his writing by presenting a realistic image of war.